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ALL MOUTH is a totally cool product and the neatest way to freshen breath. A sugar-free, concentrated formula that contains the natural extracts of self-heal, which is fantastic at soothing mouth ulcers, peppermint for a 'zing' of flavour and parsley to sanitise the mouth. A few drops of this essence on the tongue will freshen and cool the breath, enliven the senses and help you to feel wide awake. All Temple Spa day retreat treatments are always completed with a drop of All Mouth diluted in mineral water, for a refreshing after-treatment drink.

  • Sugar-free, peppermint flavour
  • Concentrated formula
  • Soothes mouth ulcers
  • Enlivens the senses - brings a sense of vitality to the whole person
  • Helps to fight off the effects of travel weariness
  • Cleans the tongue (parsley is great when you've been eating foods like garlic)
  • Supplements the need for toothpaste
  • Natural plant extracts 
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Menthol, Parsley, Peppermint, Self heal

Pop one drop on the tongue for oh-my-gosh freshness.

  • Sanitiser for the mouth
  • Breath freshener
  • Diluted in mineral water, it becomes an ideal mouthwash & gargle
  • Professional spa treatment
  • For pocket, bag and desk
  • Great product for the office spa

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