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"Perfect for those days when you're on your feet from dusk until dawn."
as featured in "Banyan Tree Spa: Mayakoba, Mexico"


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Don't you just hate it when your feet and legs swell up and ache? This lightweight formula will chill, calm, and refresh feet and limbs that have been standing far too long.


Rich in natural extracts and Mediterranean essential oils to cool, soften the skin and help soothe away aches and puffiness. It really does make you go AAAHHH!


  • Helps relieve puffy legs & feet
  • Cools & softens skin
  • Revives travel, sports or shopping legs
  • Easily absorbed, non-greasy
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I love this, and it works wonders on itchy insect bites too

I love this, and it works wonders on itchy insect bites too

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Awesome product. I've been using it about 3 years After an Az Summer day wearing Sandals. In our hotel was a sample and it felt wonderful on my hot feet. I was sold!

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One of the best products around. We couldn't live without this now.... Soothes aches and pains everywhere

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Perfect for my feet after a long shift.

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I love this it's absolutely brilliant it's like magic, my feet really don't hurt when I use this.

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I love this!

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Love this product!

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My mum swears by Aaahhh for her arthritis. Better than any prescription medicine she says!

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This is a fabulous product for using when on a plane to stop your feet swelling!

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This is as it says on the tube, it's simply amazing. Elsa, Moray

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This is absolute magic for legs, but I have found other uses. If you have menopausal night sweats, rub some on your chest and tummy, it cools you down and helps you drift off to sleep. If you have an ' irritable bladder' night , and feel a bout of cystitis starting, rub gel on your lower tummy. Katherine , Crowborough

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Since having a hip replacement it has kept my feet and legs cool all night ,thank you Temple Spa. Ann, wor

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Aaahhh for feet and legs is amazing! I am a runner and the things it does to my legs and feet after a run makes it worth a thousand times it's price tag Laura, wor

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AMAZING....especially after 40 miles of cycling! Michala, wor

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I love Aaahhh! This is the only product that actually helps the neuropathy in both of my feet. Lynette, test

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Just finished using a sample of this product. It works miracles! My legs have been achy and swollen all day from walking & standing at the football game yesterday. Such a great product. Really really works! Brittney , Ann Arbor

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Tried this product at a crowne plaza hotel and loved it. The scent is very calming and the cool tingle made my calfs / feet feel like I just recieved a massage.

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Fantastic Product. Me and my friends and family swear by AAAHHH. Simply gorgeous

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Dandelion extract, Dill Seed oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper oil, Geranium, Menthol, Patchouli, Myrrh, Galbanum.

Massage into feet and legs using upward strokes. Can also be used on aching backs, arms or after a pedicure! Wash hands after application. Allow skin to dry completely before coming into contact with clothing. Protect surfaces before elevating limbs, contains alcohol.

  • Every skin type
  • Men
  • Women
  • Foot and leg moisturiser
  • Spa ritual and treatment
  • Massage medium 
  • Perfect after a pedicure
  • Great for travel, sports or for 'shopping legs'
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