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A good night's sleep in a jar! This beautifully sophisticated aromatherapy resting cream will calm your skin and your soul. Rich in natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, this delicious 'duvet for the skin', will sink into the skin immediately and leave the complexion ultra-smooth and settled. We have included hops in the formulation which aids restful sleep, helps prevent premature ageing and is known for its skin firming properties.

REPOSE is wonderful for when you and your skin needs a rest and want to wake up revived! A great way to use this product is on those days when you want to slumber and relax... after giving the skin a spa treatment of cleanse, tone and mask, apply a liberal amount of REPOSE all over the skin and neck and leave it to sink in over time.

REPOSE is part of our VESPERS range of Soul Therapy, products that are geared towards rest and relaxation, created to bring a sense of peace whilst giving the skin a boost of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Aromatherapy and skin care in one
  • Soothes, settles, moisturises
  • Professional strength formula
  • Rich in Mediterranean botanicals & oils
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Calming, deepens breathing
  • Induces calm and sleep
  • Sensory treatment - skincare & wellbeing

For the perfect relaxation ritual why not...

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Latest Review
This is my second jar of Repose. My skin feels hydrated when I wake and the smell as I apply it before bed is super relaxing. A must for when I just want to unwind after cleansing. Doubled up with Duvet I feel like I go to bed in a spa heaven.

This is my second jar of Repose. My skin feels hydrated when I wake and the smell as I apply it before bed is super relaxing. A must for when I just want to unwind after cleansing. Doubled up with Duvet I feel like I go to bed in a spa heaven.

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Given this as a gift a few years ago and recently had a jar given to me - just love the aroma and it feels wonderful. Loved it then and love it now.

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My sister bought Repose for me last Christmas. I think my husband has used it more than me... he likes the smell! I struggle to sleep some nights and I have found on the nights I use Repose I sleep better. It also feels lovely and hydrating on my skin. 2nd jar purchased and won't be the last.

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I used some samples of Temple Spa products when me and my fiance stayed at a Crown Plaza hotel. I am completely in love with their products. This was my favorite and the first I purchased, it smells so nice, relaxes me and helps give me a great night of sleep. I highly recommend it!

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I don't normally leave product reviews ,but I just can't stop telling everyone how much I love repose!it's so gorgeously rich on the skin but non greasy, and it helps me to relax and drift off into a blissful sleep. I would urge anyone to try this amazing product!

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I love this product, it is an essential part of my nightly routine Jayne, facebook

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Totally love this product Lynn, facebook

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Use this every night, really helps me drift off Kate, facebook

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Love Repose , my favourite slumber day moisturiser Catriona, facebook

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It's like aromatherapy chloroform for me. Put it on...fall straight to sleep. Love this product. Tamara, facebook

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Love love love this ...soooo relaxing! Jenn, facebook

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I always use this when I know I just need a good night's sleep. When my daughter is restless I put it on and lay face to face with her and she is off in five minutes. Rebecca, facebook

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I would die without Repose! Sarah, facebook

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I love love love Temple Spa products, my favourite is Repose as it helps me relax and sleep, I wake and I'm refreshed and my skin feels amazing! Clair,

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My skin feels fantastic and so soft, I don't get spots like I did, I can definitely see a difference, I especially love the power breakfast mask and the repose face cream Karen, facebook

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Repose is definitely my 'can't live without' product! I love it. Helen, facebook

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This is the best cream I have ever used. Worth every penny. I have tried lots of other brands and creams, nothing comes close. Applied morning and night, this leaves my dry skin perfectly hydrated and the smell is divine. Jane, Kirby Muxloe

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I find Repose really helps with my acne scarring and healing my skin after a breakout1 This is my absolute Holy Grail product! Helen, W

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I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! Linda, w

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Love it!! It even stops the other half from snoring! Vanessa, w

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I love Repose for bedtimes, as well as slumber days. Catriona, w

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This is my favourite product ever! I love it! A jar of loveliness! Claire, w

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Can't sleep without it! Fiona, wor

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Leaves your skin feeling like cashmere in the morning! Helen, wor

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Repose, fab night cream. Makes me feel like I've had a facial every time x Gemma, wor

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NEVER slept so well! Julie, wor

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Adore the gorgeous smell, nothing better to drift off to sleep with! X Julie, wor

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Repose night cream is beautiful! A little bit of luxury at the end of a busy days work! Bridget, wor

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Love's a good nights sleep in a jar, smells gorgeous with Frankincense and lavender & it rests your skin so well and feels so comforting on your skin. LOVE REPOSE! Linda, wor

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A good nights sleep in a jar - especially post-nightshift!! Debbie, WOR

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Repose helps me relax into a fabulous sleep and since starting to use it my insomnia has improved greatly! Whilst smelling gorgeous! Donna, wor

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Repose-it does stop snoring and boy do you sleep! I have sciatica that has been keeping me awake, but Repose has helped-I love it, worth every penny. As are all the products! Helen, wor

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Magic stuff! Can't sleep without it! Trudy, wor

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Brilliant night cream but also was the most fabulous after sun/night cream on holiday! Fiona, wor

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Smells delightful and really helps with a good night sleep. Claire, wor

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As a lady in the menopause this cream has given me the sleeps I havent had for years.7 solid hours!! Only used it three nights and I already don't want to go to bed without it! Amanda, Scunthorpe

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This cream is a lovely texture and smells incredible. Absolute bliss in a jar! Gillian, West Yorkshire

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Love this cream! Can't stop using it!!! Emma, test

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Love,love,love this! Massage in, put hands over nose and breathe deeply...ah!! Sharon, test

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I cannot recommend this product enough, it is wonderful!!! Jane, test

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I have always had trouble sleeping until I tried this product, now bedtime is my favourite part of the day! Erin, test

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I love Repose, it makes my skin so soft and smells lovely, Perfect for relaxing. Amy, test

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I love the gorgeous smell and the relaxing effect - the epitome of spa! Sally, test

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I always have the best nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energised. I also use it on my son when he's struggled to sleep and it's worked wonders! Heather, test

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Repose is my fail safe insomnia cure!! Trudy, test

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Repose really is a "good night sleep in a jar!" Rose, test

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I use this when I have a headache, I also use it on my children who are 8 and 15, when they have head aches, growing pains, colds - it works wonders!! Lou, test

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Repose all the way for me and my girls. A dab of this on our temples at bedtime settles us down for a lovely sleep. Sarah, test

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I can't live without my Repose!!! Guaranteed to relax and send you into the most peaceful nights sleep ever. I love my sleep! Angela, test

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Totally comforting as a night time moisturiser - no greasy feel and smells divine - would not be without this! Linda, Torquay

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Totally addictive smell. I use this cream day and night, so relaxing. The best cream I've ever used leaving my skin perfectly hydrated. Jane, Kirby Muxloe

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LOVE! This cream is devine, The texture is like velvet and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It smells amazing and I find it does relax me and helps me drift off. My skin feels fab, definitely the best night cream I have used. Pamela

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My Holy Grail product! Absolutely gorgeous texture and a little goes such a long way (not that I can resist putting on more than I really need!) It really is a good night's sleep in a jar - never fails to help me drifts. Love, love LOVE it! Helen, Coulby

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A fabulous night time moisturiser which sinks in easily and is not greasy. Lovely and relaxing - helps at stressful times and to sleep. Terri, Bristol

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I have greasy skin so reserved using this. However i have been using this under my eyes and any dry spots. It is honestly the best cream I have used, absorbs quickly and feels soft and highdrating. A little tip - I had a cold recently so I used it on my dry nose. No redness or dry skin!! Amazing!

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A really lovely smell and texture. Sinks in well, doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all yet is still reassuringly rich. Face feels amazing and really does aid relaxation and sleep.

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This cream is the best night cream I've used. I've tried every skin product under the sun and templespa is my favourite. This product in particular! It smells divine and my skin feels like velvet! If i could only buy one skin product this would be it!

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Lovely. This is one of the best smelling lotions on the market. I recived it as a gift from the hotel I stayed at in London. What a fantastic gift. Every time I use it calms me and reminds me of a relaxing spa. I love to use it during stressful times to relax.

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love this product. My face usually gets quite oily in the morning, but after using this product as night cream, I feel my skin feels supple with rebalanced in the morning.

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I have tried many night creams but have always had a tendency to wake up with red blotches on my face. This has been the best cream I have ever used. Not only has the redness reduced considerably, but the condition of my skin is much improved. I shall certainly be trying your other products.

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I have suffered from sensitive skin all my life. I have experimented using aromatherapy oils with occasional success but this last month I have used Repose and the effects have been little short of miraculous.

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Frankincense, Hops, Jojoba, Lavender, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper oil, Geranium, Chamomile, Patchouli, Galbanum

After cleansing your skin, take one or two generous dots of REPOSE into your palms and spread it lightly between each hand. Hold your hands up to your face, taking time to breathe in the beautiful aroma whilst concentrating on the process of relaxation. Apply REPOSE evenly all over your face and neck, using upward and outward movements massaging it into the skin. Mmmmm... heaven.

  • Facial moisturiser
  • Night cream
  • Spa treatment
  • Applied to the pulse points to relieve anxiety
  • Antidote to combat snoring
  • Antidote to the effects of insomnia, jet lag, stress
  • Any skin type
  • Men & women
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