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A celebration for the body

Everyone knows how wonderful skin can look when at its best. A great lustre, sheen and an even skin tone is something we see in glossy magazines and is usually achieved by an airbrush....until now! BODY TRUFFLE can give us the skin we have longed for:

  • Powerful rejuvenation benefits - firming, smoothing, collagen boosting, skin conditioning
  • Provides instant skin lustre that mimics 'health in a jar'
  • Combines cutting edge scientific ingredients
  • Provides a wonderful youthful glow, softens flaws and heightens skin lustre
  • Improves skin radiance and evens colour tone
  • Helps preserve suppleness, smoothness & elasticity
  • Diminishes dull, tired and dry skin
  • Anti-oxidant / reduces free radicals
  • Regulates moisture levels and skin humidity
  • Helps support and encourage skin regeneration
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I am a Temple Spa convert! I love the quality of the products! My favourites are Body truffle & Sole Balm! Donna, facebook

I am a Temple Spa convert! I love the quality of the products! My favourites are Body truffle & Sole Balm! Donna, facebook

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I am a Temple Spa convert! I love the quality of the products! My favourites are Body Truffle & Sole Balm! Donna, facebook

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I love the Truffle collection especially the Body Truffle, it's amazing and my skin always looks great after using it, well worth the money. Danielle, wor

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Body Truffle is total body rejuvenation. It makes such a difference to my skin, it shimmers and radiates health. It also smells lovely. Carla, wor

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I just love the Body Truffle! I love the smell and how your skin feels amazing afterwards! Lisa, test

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I've been a Temple Spa customer for 3 years now and love every item but my favourite is 'Body Truffle' the smell is amazing and makes my skin sooooo soft! Julie, test

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Indulged myself after shower 10 hours ago with Body Truffle and I smell gorgeous still on top of all the other skin benefits!!!

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BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Aestivum Extract). 

Deemed the epitome of luxury and BODY TRUFFLE reflects the same values, in texture, feel and performance. Reported to have aphrodisiac proprieties. Rich in amino acids, known to help build collagen. Improved moisture retention. Antioxidant. 

ROSE QUARTZ A beautiful ingredient that brings a lustre and radiance to the skin. Traditional folklore calls it the ‘love stone’. The high energy of quartz gives it the property of being a very soothing and ‘happy’ ingredient. Light reflective properties illuminate the skin, softening flaws and boosting radiance

CASHMERE (Hydrolyzed Keratin). Adored by everyone to touch and wear, we included it to adorn your most precious ‘outfit’ - your skin! Nourishes and retains moisturise to the skin. Provides a smooth and supple texture. Strengthens and firms skin. Protects from irritation and redness.\

COCOA BUTTER A natural antioxidant, obtained from organic cocoa beans that are grown in Uganda by small scale farmers.

CHAMPAGNE EXTRACT (Vitus Vinifera Fruit). Contain fruit acids for gentle exfoliation. Regulates skin humidity. Contains mineral nutrients to support skin regeneration.

LONG LIFE MUSHROOM (Saccaromyces/Xylinum Black Tea Ferment). Smoothes and freshens. Decreases glycation and has a "lipofilling" effect. Diminishes skin roughness, increases brightness, lustre, radiance, clarity and skin colour.

SILK AND GOLD ACTIVE (Gold, Hydrolyzed Silk). Reduces free radicals which lowers oxidative stress. Moisturising and antibacterial

SODIUM HYALURONATE. Helps preserve suppleness, elasticity and tone. Moisturising.

  • Use on days that you want a treat or use every day for long term benefits.
  • Day body cream–gives skin a healthy glow and even in daylight will give the skin a sheer finish and a subtle lustre to aid the appearance of an even skin tone. One application will be enough to see the instant benefit.
  • Evening body cream – brings a touch of glamour and cashmere to the skin. The ideal moisturiser to accompany the classic black dress.
  • Overnight treatment cream – perfect as an overnight body cream to really go to work whilst you sleep.
  • Spa Treatment – a luxury restoration treatment for skin firming, smoothing, collagen boosting and skin conditioning benefits. 

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