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Taking some 'do not disturb' time has become an essential and integral part of daily living. In the rapid pace of life there is no better way to relax than with this TEMPLE SPA ritual. As far back as ancient times, spa and bathing rituals were key for relaxation and in restoring equilbrium. Ths all over collection will nourish your skin and relax mind, body and soul.

Ths lovely gift set includes:

REPOSE - 15ml

A good night's sleep in a jar! This beautifully sophisticated aromatherapy resting cream will calm your skin and your soul. Rich in natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, this delicious 'duvet for the skin', will sink into the skin immediately and leave the complexion ultra-smooth and settled. We have included hops in the formulation which aids restful sleep, helps prevent premature ageing and is known for its skin firming properties.


Say goodbye to stress and tension! QUIETUDE contains a beautiful blend of relaxing essential oils. When you apply this wonderful calming fragrance to your pulse points it will induce a feeling of peace and calm. In addition, you can mist your pillow, headrest or the space around you to surround yourself with the aroma of stillness.  The delicious fragrance helps induce a feeling of peace and calm.


The most luxurious chill-out treatment ever! DRIFT AWAY is a must for when you need to really wind down and have your moment of peace and calm. Applied straight onto the skin for an aromatherapy massage, or with a capful drizzled into the bathtub; these deliciously fragrant oils will help you chill out and relax, especially when you find it hard to switch off.


Mineral-rich bathing salts. With extracts of arnica, ginseng, white willow and packed full of relaxing aromatic essential oils of vetiver, eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli and ylang-ylang to help soothe you and clear the mind.

DUVET - 50ml

Comfort for the body, skin & soul. This luxurious, advanced body cream has been designed to envelop the body with hydrating and firming ingredients, leaving it smooth, toned and deliciously fragranced - naturally of course. We call it DUVET, and it will bring immediate comfort to the body, skin and soul. The ultimate in luxury body care.


A lavendar infused pillow.

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Key ingredients list:

QUENCH -Face mask 15ml

QUENCH is packed full of natural ingredients including Echinacea which is known for its soothing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Is also acts as an anti-enzyme which means it can protect against collagen and elastic breakdown. It has the ability to activate macrophage activity, protect proteins from oxidative stress thus boosts the skin's immune system of defense - a fantastic anti-ageing ingredient.

QUIETUDE- Calming Mist 30ml

The ultimate product to say goodbye to stress and tension. We love QUIETUDE because it can be used in a number of ways. Try spraying on your pulse points, spritz onto your towels and drape them over a warm radiator; or simply spray in the air around you to release the wonderfully calming essential oils of Citronella, Clove, Grapefruit, Orange, Rosemary and Thyme.

DO NOT DISTURB -Lavender Pillow

Hang your DO NOT DISTURB pillow on the door to remind the outside world that this is your time! A beautiful to behold, handy to hang cream pillow, filled with dried lavender; the ultimate relaxation herb. You can even put it under your pillow so the gorgeous aromas will help lull you to sleep, or pop it in your smalls drawer!

DRIFT AWAY -Relaxing & Bathing Massage Oil 30ml

DRIFT AWAY is laden with relaxing essential oils in a lush base oil or sesame, jojoba and avocado. For a relaxing bath, pour a third of the bottle under running water and agitate to mix in. Watch the water turn beautifully milky. For a soothing maasage, pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and smooth it all over the body using firm, upwards strokes, in a direction towards the heart. DRIFT AWAY will leave you feeling chilled out and ease the stresses and strains of your day. 

SUGAR BUFF -Mediterranean Body Scrub 50gm

SUGAR BUFF is the ultimate ‘prepare to bare’ product, containing olive, fig, pomegranate, vitamin E, exfoliates of olive and sweet almond and a blend of relaxing essential oils. Invigorates the skin and leaves it soft and fragrant.

REPOSE-Aromatherapy Resting Cream 15ml

We call this one a 'good night's sleep in a jar'. Enriched with jojoba,hops (to aid restful sleep), mulitvitamins and a blend of a dozen essential oils that are famous for assisting a calm mind and body. After cleansing pop a generous scoop in each hand. Hold your hands up to your face, then take time to gently massage all over your face and neck. You can also use it on your pulse points to help relieve anxiety , or on those duvet days when you are having a makeup break.

DUVET-Firming Body Cream 50ml

You know that feeling of sinking into a luxury feather duvet? Softness, comfort, peace? DUVET brings all this to your skin. A firming, toning, smoothing formula that not only is nutritious for the skin, but leaves it delightfully fragrant and cashmere to the touch. Rich in omega oils, fig, guarana, vitamin E and a blend of calming essential oils.

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