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These nail shades have been developed with an innovative formulation which uses nanotechnology to provide a more fluid, glossy and smoother finish.
Rich in vitamin E and calcium pantothenate, they not only provide a smooth even coat, they also treat your nails with a true spa experience. The exciting formulation provides a breathable, water-repellent coating, permeable to oxygen, allowing the nail to breathe under the protective varnish.

 High performance multi-polymer complex and nano-system produces water repellent properties

    Breathable texture allows a natural inflow of oxygen to the nail

 Resists colour chipping and wear-out

 Preserves the natural moisture balance

 Encourages flexible, healthy nails that bend but don’t break

 High fluidity for easy, even application and coverage

 Quick drying time

 Well balanced formula with optimised wear (through its patented plasticizer)

 Durable and optimised gloss

 Longer shelf life

 Less yellowing

 Colour stability

 Constant viscosity

 5 Free-from Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Phthalate and camphor


For those looking for a nail enamel that doesn’t smother the nail, but offers high performance with complete comfort and care for a modern day lifestyle. Repeated use of a regular nail enamel suffocates the nail, causes discolouration and brittleness. Temple Spa Nail Treats promote healthy flexible nails through a breathable film, permeable to oxygen and with waterproof quality.

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5 FREE with no formaldehyde, camphor, DBP, toluene & phthalates.

Apply two layers of Cannes. Use with Temple Spa base & top coat SORRENTO for extra-long wear & shine.

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