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Nutritious scrub and face mask in one, with honey, oats and fruit juices.

When you really need to look your best, start the day with a power breakfast - take oats, honey, fruit and some juice and you'll give your body the energy it needs to seize the day. Then take THE POWER BREAKFAST scrub-mask, which has the same ingredients, and put energy into your skin as well! Polished face, polished performance. Includes spatula.

  • Polishes and brightens
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Professional spa formula
  • Gently dissolves dead skin cells
  • Dual use: one-minute scrub, or twenty-minute mask
  • Packed with botanicals

Suitable for:

  • Any skin type needing a polishing scrub and/or a skin softening mask
  • Combination skin needing balance
  • Men (men love it!)
  • Women
  • Backs, chests, faces and hands


  • One-minute scrub
  • Twenty-minute mask
  • Professional spa treatment
  • Hand treatment mask


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My skin feels fantastic and so soft, I don't get spots like I did, I can definitely see a difference, I especially love the power breakfast mask and the repose face cream Karen, facebook

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I love this! Kelly, facebook

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This is fab ! i used to have a really bad t-zone, and as soon as i used this i could see a massive difference, instantly. Love it ! mwahhh

more reviews: 4 of 4

Key Ingredients List:

Honey, Kaolin, Walnut Shell Powder, Oats, Strawberry juice, Papaya, Pear & Apple Juice,

For a quick scrub to exfoliate and soften - after cleansing, splash the face with water and whilst still a bit wet, use the spatula to scoop up a pea-sized amount onto forehead, cheeks and under the chin. Using small circular, upward and outward movement, massage it into your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. After a minute or so, wash off with warm water until all traces are removed. Follow with TONING ESSENCE and MOISTURE TO GO.

You can also use it as a deep cleansing mask, by leaving it on for ten to twenty minutes, preferably whilst lying in a steambath to give added decongestive benefits.

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