Skin Care Help

At Temple Spa we’re committed to helping you find what’s right for you and your skin, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or suffer from more complex skin issues. This guide will help you determine your skin type and then the products that will help you with whatever problems you may have.

Read the information in the boxes below and the one you feel best describes your skin, is the one for you. After all, no one knows your skin better than you!




Dry Skin

Your skin feels dry, it can flake and often feels taut. it’s not just your face that feels dry, it’s also your legs and arms too; light moisturisers still leave your skin feeling thirsty.

You need a heavier moisturisers for both daytime and night time, and one that will help you recover internal moisture loss and protect you from the effects the environment has on your skin.

Tip: take cooler showers and baths to reduce how drying the heat is on your skin

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Your skin can flare up easily and you have to treat it carefully, skin lacks lustre and looks quite fragile, if you get stressed it shows up on your skin, burns easily in the sun. 

You need a product that’s boosted with vitamins which will help look after your skin and protect it.

Tip: choose products that are rich in natural ingredients and wear sunscreen as it will help protect your skin from harmful environmental factors.

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You don’t have many worries with your skin, it’s pretty normal, and when you wake up in the morning your skin is neither oily nor dry.

With dream skin, you have a range of products on offer to you.

Tip: keep your skin in its balanced condition by regularly exfoliating.

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 It feels like you have two skin types on your face (dry and oily patches); your skin can sometimes shine up around your nose, forehead and chin; you occasionally have breakouts and blemishes; your skin sometimes looks a bit dull and lacks vitality.

 You need a balanced product that is designed to accommodate the different kinds of skin you have.

 Tip: avoid washing your face with soaps or products that are alkaline as they will strip your skin of its natural goodness.

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 You suffer from breakouts and blackheads, your skin is usually oily, you shine up easily and your make-up never stays on your skin.

You need products that will help remove the excess sebum your skin produces/ Sebum naturally produces oil to help your skin but sometimes it can produce too much.

Tip: avoid washing your skin excessively. Although washing it will make it feel clean, too much washing will have an adverse effect and make your skin oilier.

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If you need further advice on what’s best for your skin then have a look at our Problem/Solution section which covers everything from anti-ageing products to puffy skin. And if you’re looking to go beyond our recommendations above and get a new skincare routine perfectly suited to you, then shop our skincare products range.