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Soothing eye care lotion, for all skin types, with witch hazel, rosewater, green tea, cornflower & eyebright.

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Windows of The Soul


Gentle eye treatment gel-balm, for all skin types including sensitive, with Echinacea, eyebright, milk thistle, edelweiss and cucumber.

What Causes Under Eye Puffiness?

The most common cause is your diet, allergic reactions to food or something in the environment, or irregular sleep cycles. Preservatives in alcohol and a diet high in salt or sugar can also lead to fluid retention under the eyes. The best skin care tip of all is to eat healthily, drink lots of fresh water, and sleep well!

Remedies for How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

To help with puffiness you find in the morning, pop some Eyes Wide Open on a cotton pad and wipe gently around the eye to remove any allergens and soothe the skin. Cornflower and eyebright extracts are combined in this product, which is what works at reducing the puffiness.

Then dab a small amount of Windows Of The Soul around your eye using both your ring fingers (the gentlest fingers) to hydrate and nourish the area. Windows Of The Soul contains vitamins and extracts of edelweiss, cucumber and Echinacea – a delightfully eye-calming combination.

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