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GIVE YOUR SOUL A LIFT! SPIRITUDE is a body mist spray and room essence with a zesty fresh aroma of Mediterranean essential oils.
The wonderfully energising fragrance is just the thing when you need help to restore your equilibrium and lift flagging spirits. A touch of vitality when you’re lacking energy, or feeling a little tired. The ultimate pick-me-up!


  • A great wake up call

  • Energises body & soul

  • Great for that ‘foggy’ feeling

  • Space & body fragrance in one

  • Uplifting cocktail of Mediterranean essential oils

    Hydrating & Moisturising Body Mist

  • Provides a sense of vitality and alertness

  • Excellent to boost flagging spirits

  • Pick me up when you have to go out after work


    The excesses of life often creep up on us. Too much of the wrong food and drink, too much work, too much stress; the list is endless. There are times when we really do need a quick pick-me-up!  Our bodies were created to work but they also need to rest. SPIRITUDE is perfect for a busy life but it is also your reminder to take time out for you each week… take a walk on the beach; watch a feel-good film; laugh often; eat healthily; drink plenty of water; and most importantly, cultivate a thankful heart. Nothing will do more for your skin and whole sense of equilibrium.

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This is such an uplifting fragrance, even my husband likes it. I don't like synthetic perfume spray so this really suits me as a body spray. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is such an uplifting fragrance, even my husband likes it. I don't like synthetic perfume spray so this really suits me as a body spray. Absolutely gorgeous.

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This arrived this morning... I LOVE IT! Matching shower and body lotion please! Hazel, Reading

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Orange oil

Fresh sweet fragrance, stimulating and reviving.

Lemon oil

Antiseptic, purifying, cooling, energising, astringent

Bitter orange oil

Reduces irritation, calming, soothing, hydrating, comforting and uplifting.

Lavender oil

Calming, soothing, great for aching muscles, anti-inflammatory, natural analgesic, eases tension.


Antiseptic properties. Anti-inflammatory. Fungicidal. Anti-depressant qualities.

Grapefruit oil

Anti-inflammatory, cooling, antibacterial

Geranium Oil

Refreshing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, soothing

Bergamot Oil

Reduces anxiety, nervous tension and stress

Juniper oil

Crisp fragrance. Stimulates and strengthens. Great for acne and blocked pores. Cleansing.

Black Pepper

Analgesic, anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-toxic, bactericidal, stimulant

Clary sage oil

Soothing, anti-inflammatory


Soothing, invigorating, reduces nausea, anti-itch, cools, improves mental accuracy.

Ginger Oil

Uplifting fragrance, improves circulation, anti-microbial.


  • Essential oils

  • Natural plant extracts

  • Free-from parabens

  • Not animal tested

  • No animal derived ingredients

Lightly spray this delicious mist on you and in the space around you to induce a sense of energy and vitality.

SUITABLE FOR:                  

  • Any skin type and any season

  • Men and women – a unisex fragrance

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