Did you know the average life span has risen by 40% in the last 100 years? We might be living longer, but we don’t want to look older because of premature ageing from sun related damage? Here’s 4 good reasons to protect your skin.  

1. Age spots

These should probably be called ‘sunspots’, as they can appear on areas that get a lot of exposure to the sun no matter how old you are. Always apply sunscreen on the back of the hands as well as the face.

2. Freckles

Yes, they can be cute, but they can also be a sign of too much sun exposure. Some skin types are more prone to freckles and are a natural part of their complexion – but they can also be a sign you’ve had too much sun. Again – wear a sunscreen.

3. Wrinkles & lines

Laughter lines are attractive, but premature lines aren’t that funny. You might love a tan, but we wary of the side effects!

4. Skin cancer

We all know the dangers, so why risk it? Keep a check on any unusual spots and marks on your skin and see the doctor if you are concerned. And make sure you cover up and apply a sunscreen every day.

But what sunscreen?

We recommend one that not only gives you SPF-30 protection but is good for your skin and contains natural ingredients to feed and hydrate. SELF DEFENCE does all these things plus it evens out the skin tone and diminishes pigmentation. Apply SELF DEFENCE every morning to the back of hands and face. It is designed to work under your favourite moisturiser. Make it part of your morning skincare routine, Every - Single - Day.