...A Stroke Of Genius

We are so excited about the launch of our first mascara which we have added to our brand spanking new Red Carpet cosmetics range. This mascara definitely lives up to its name and here in the office we are incredibly passionate about mascaras, so if you want to find out why it’s secured a place in our make-up bags read on...

Glossy Smooth Texture

A common theme when discussing mascaras is our dislike for clumpy mascara so A Stroke Of Genius immediately ticked that box as not only does it beautifully separate lashes but the lack of clumping allows you to build up the coverage for a natural flutter or for full voluptuous, lushly long lashes. The creamy texture contains beeswax which helps to make hair look sleek and shiny and the nourishing plant peptides help to smooth lashes.

The Magic Wand

The twisted wire brush helps to deliver smooth, even application. The creamy formula glides through lashes coating each lash from root to tip giving elevated length and buildable volume.

Treatment with Colour

We love that A Stroke Of Genius acts like skincare-for-the-lashes helping to nourish and condition each lash. The formula fuses antioxidant Vitamin E with raspberry seed oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax and glycerin which are known to protect against moisture loss, help to soften hair, strengthen and improve its texture and appearance. As mascara is one of our daily essentials it is good to know that it is helping to keep our lashes healthy!

Lengthens & Lifts

Modern, flexible polymers coat each lash from root to tip boosting length and giving lashes the oomph they need. The precision bristles capture each lash lifting, defining, curling and shaping as it sweeps through your lashes painting them with glossy, saturated colour.

All Day Wear

We all want to avoid the frustration of seeing your perfectly defined lashes end up flaking or smudging by the end of the day. Not only does A Stroke Of Genius last all day without smearing or running but if you do want to amp up your lashes for the evening the buildable formula allows you to intensify the volume and height while ensuring your lashes have definition all, of course, without the clumping!