A Mediterranean diet could help prevent memory loss

Recent research by the University of Edinburgh suggests that a Mediterranean diet could help towards preventing memory loss and brain shrinkage later on in life.

A recent study of pensioners based in the Scotland area discovered that those who had a Med inspired diet richer in fresh fruit, vegetables and olive oil were more likely to have healthier brains in comparison to those with alternative eating habits.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, olive oil, vegetables, cereal grains and beans whilst including a moderate amount of fish and dairy but with low volumes of poultry and red meats. The diet also includes wine which we know some of you will certainly be in favour of!

We love this research and have always recognised and respected the life-giving, richness and health benefits this region offers us.

The Mediterranean is in fact the inspiration behind TEMPLESPA, it’s where the brand was conceived and since then we remain firm believers that their lifestyle and dietary habits contribute to a healthier way of life. To formulate and envelope our high results formulas we delve into the mediterranean larder and fuse as many ingredients as possible into our products so you could say we know a little bit about it all ourselves! All of our products focus on feeding the skin, body and soul working hard to preserve it.

So here’s a taster Mediterranean menu for your skin...


The Power Breakfast is a nutritious scrub and face mask in one with honey, oats and fruit juices that will give your face the energy it requires so you are ready to seize the day. Serve as a one-minute scrub or a twenty-minute mask to gently dissolve dead skin for a polished, brightened result and younger looking skin.


Our Toning Essence is referred to as ‘Mediterranean skin refreshment’. Every skincare routine starts with a good cleanse and the second important step is toning - so serve your skin Toning Essence to ensures a double cleanse by removing deeply embedded debris and the final traces of cleanser. Loaded with Mediterranean ingredients such as tomatoes, basil, orange, lemon, lime, mandarin, ginger, lavender and melon; a salad for the skin we hear you cry!

For dinner - BE STRONG

Meet your personal nutritionist - Be Strong is a power packed super-juice for the skin. There are times in our lives when we all need support and your skin is no exception. This hardworking serum will help strengthen delicate facial tissue and deliver a boost of vitamins to the epidermis. This means that when new skin cells come to the surface they have already received the nutrition they need to be healthy and strong. Vitamin rich with sunflower oil, lavender and liquorice, Be Strong is settling and soothing with anti-ageing and firming benefits.

For dessert - DOUBLE CREAM

Double Cream, extremely rich but extremely good! Its texture is creamy and the formula behind sinks quickly into your skin for a deep moisturisation leaving rehydrated, glowing skin full of vitality. A luxurious anti-ageing moisturiser for dry and dehydrated skin.