What is Gommage?

The terms comes from the French, meaning “to erase” which refers to the act of sloughing off dead skin cells through massaging it into the face. These peels are a type of chemical exfoliant and contain enzymes and extracts that loosen up dead skin cells allowing them to be gently removed with your fingers (mechanical exfoliation).  

The act of working the product in circular motions and rubbing your fingers against your skin causes the product to roll and thread bringing the outer layer of skin cells with it, a little like a lint roller for your face. There’s something oh-so satisfying about watching the product removing dead skin cells as it peels off.  

How does it benefit skin?

As gommage is a form of exfoliation and removes dead, dull skin cells, it helps to achieve silky soft, smooth skin. It can reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation leaving skin more toned, brighter and luminous. Sign us up!

How to use it

This is one product where you don’t need to spend a lot of time to get satisfying results. Massage a thin layer onto clean, dry skin. Leave to dry for 10-50 seconds (depending on the product) then work in circular motions until it rubs away in little balls (it rolls and threads like a spa-professional gommage). Cleanse face with a damp, warm flannel.

The frequency of use will depend on your skin type but to start with use weekly to look simply fabulous and like any kind of exfoliation if you notice redness or irritation decrease usage. Once your have tested your skin’s tolerance it is the perfect product to use before a special occasion to help skin to look its best.

So, are you ready to be wowed? The Big Reveal is a glycolic resurfacing peel that gives you a liquid facial in a flash; miraculously lifting away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave skin unbelievably smooth and bright. With glycolic acid, pomegranate and red clover which help to smooth, soften and brighten skin and raspberry seed oil and sodium hyaluronate which hydrate skin, helping to preserve elasticity, plump and tone the skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Alternatively treat yourself to a spa day and try our Red Carpet Miracle Facial. This high tech miracle facial is the perfect option for those seeking instant and visible results and skin fit for the Red Carpet - you know, that radiant glow and sculpted firmness of youth.

After an highly effective brush-cleanse your skin is treated to a super advanced skin-lifting and muscle-energising facial massage which is combined with the dynamic glycolic resurfacing performance of our award-winning The Big Reveal gommage.

Your therapist becomes your skin’s personal trainer as your face gets a skin and muscle workout! Facial contours are then wrapped in The Contourist, our remodelling face mask with jaw sling that hugs facial contours and irons out. Whilst the miracle working goodness of the mask is going to work, you get to enjoy a scalp, shoulder or hand/arm massage.

The final transformation is an optional sweep of radiance enhancing colour, using Glint to fade those dark circles and a finishing touch of Velvelutto

our skin perfecting velvet face base.

Wow! The ultimate radiance facial.

GLINT 5 ml / 0.16 fl.oz.
Hydrating Eye Concealer

When you need a miracle!

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