As we all know, sometimes you need a little motivation to get out of bed and one of our top tips to becoming a morning person is planning a nice breakfast but it is all too easy to get caught up in the morning rush. Then, before you know it, you are heading out the door on an empty stomach only to be greeted by a mid-morning hunger pang that has you reaching for an unhealthy snack.

Just like our favourite morning time exfoliator, Breakfast Smoothie, your breakfast should be nutritious and packed with complexion enhancing ingredients, as we all know, good skin starts from the inside out. The Breakfast Smoothie exfoliator is abundant in Mediterranean anti-ageing ingredients honey, jojoba, papaya, olive, strawberry, orange, apricot, pear, apple and oatmeal that hydrate and slough off dead skin cells to reveal a bright and smooth complexion whilst also putting us in the mood for a delicious breakfast. The exfoliator shares ingredients with some of our favourite recipes and both ensure that we start the day off in the best way.

Strawberry overnight oats

½ cup steel cut oats
⅓ unsweetened almond milk/unsweetened vanilla almond milk
¼ unsweetened greek yoghurt
2 tsps honey
⅓ cup of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

  1. Place all the ingredients except the fruit in a mix bowl and stir until combined. Fold in the fruit and then decant into a mason jar.

  2. Refrigerate overnight and then enjoy as is in the morning or garnish with desired toppings such as chia seeds, dried coconut or almonds.

Savoury Breakfast Bowl

We are immediately drawn to any recipe that can be made in a bowl (read- quick and easy) and we love combining our favourite breakfast foods (eggs, avocado, tomatoes, grains) into one easy nutritious meal. There are numerous versions of this from fruit based options (such as acai or smoothie bowls) to savoury alternatives. Two of our favourite savoury recipes are this one and this but have fun combining any of your favourite breakfast foods. For a quick and easy breakfast, pre-prepare components and either enjoy cold in the morning or warm it through in the microwave. It will be the perfect fuel for a hard day’s work.

Grab and Go Granola Bars

If you are not a breakfast fan try bringing something on the go to enjoy with your morning coffee. We love granola bars as they are a simple yet delicious breakfast snack to enjoy even when we’re in a rush, so there is no excuse to skip breakfast! This recipe can be adapted to include any of your favourite fruits such as apricot, apple, blueberries, raspberries or pear.

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