We know that most people use a facial cleanser, but sometimes it can become habit to cut cleansing corners, or just use ‘what you know’. These simple mistakes can actually cause more damage than good, ultimately effecting your skin’s appearance and health. So, we’ve put together our top facial cleansing tips to get you back on track to glowing and radiant skin! You can thank us later.

1. Double cleanse

You may have heard of it, but have you actually tried double cleansing? We swear by it! Double cleansing works by firstly removing all makeup, daily grime and pollution. Then the second cleanse actually cleans the skin so your complexion is left full of radiance and any products used later in your skincare routine can penetrate the skin more easily. If you’re not yet double cleansing, you really should start! We recommend using IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt, this beautiful, award-winning cleanser melts away on your skin revealing a dewy, clean and clear complexion.

2. Use a cleansing brush

Fancy upgrading your cleansing routine? Why not try CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Facial Cleansing Brush. This dual-function cleansing brush for the face deeply cleanses skin and keeps it supple and firm. The clever double-sided brush for face cleansing with 8000 sonic pulsations per minute do all the work for you to deliver a customised cleansing experience for brighter, softer, glowing-with-health skin.

Its dual function of effective cleansing plus low frequency sonic waves and the multi-textured, super soft silicone bristles allows you to tailor your facial routine and triple the benefits of your cleanser.

The cleansing function gently yet deeply purges pores to remove 99.5% of dirt, make-up, impurities and excess oil. The rejuvenation function sends low frequency sonic waves deep into your skin to encourage cell regeneration and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer looking skin. It’s smart, really smart!


3. Wash your brush and flannel regularly

So you’ve washed your face, but have you washed your brush and flannel? Brushes and muslin cloths can harbour dirt and bacteria removed from your face, and not washing them regularly simply means your rubbing all that dirt and bacteria back on to your face! Hello breakouts! We recommend washing your TAKE IT OFF Muslin Cleansing Cloth and CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Facial Cleansing Brush regularly so that you’re ensuring a clean cleanse for your skin.

4. Adapt your cleanser to your skins needs

As the seasons change, so can our skins needs. We quite often become oilier in the summer, drier in the winter, and can be prone to breakouts and sensitivity with the changing of the elements. As our skin changes, so should our skincare. We recommend adapting our cleanser to your skins current needs, for example, if you normally are cleansing for dry skin but are suffering from sensitivity, try using BE GONE Kind-Hearted Cleansing Crème until your skin is back to its normal self. If cleansing for oily skin isn’t currently working for you and you need some help to tackle dry patches, try using IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt as a treatment to help battle dry patches.

Listening to your skin and being receptive to its needs is so important for maintaining an all-year-round healthy glow.


5. Don’t forget to tone

Lastly, never cleanse without toning! Toning not only balances the skin and prepares it for future products such as serums and moisturisers, they can also be exfoliating, settling and really refreshing for the skin! We recommend using our TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol all skin types; this balancing and soothing toner will leave your skin squeaky clean and remove any final traces of cleanser.


If you would like to try out a new facial cleanser, then shop our range of cleansers here