Summer doesn’t mean you have to faff around with fake tan or completely overhaul your diet and fitness routine, it’s about feeling and looking your best self after all it’s proven that people are happier in the sunshine.

Your body may have been neglected over the winter but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know, for a quick and easy fix switch out your usual moisturiser for Body Truffle. It’s a celebration for the body and is formulated to give you total body radiance. It’s a sumptuous body moisturiser that gives you the soft touch, beautifully fragrant and radiant skin you long for.

The luscious formula combines advanced science with ingredients synonymous with jubilation and luxury, including black truffles, cocoa butter, shea butter, champagne, silk & gold extracts, kombuchka and cashmere to deeply nourish and hydrate, smooth and soften and provide instant brightness, radiance and lustre. The special illuminating effects of rose quartz help give your skin an instant beautiful soft focus glow, and aromatics of mimosa, honey, vetiver, cedar and sandalwood will delicately fragrance your skin. With regular use it will rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. 

Body Truffle gives the skin we have longed for, skin that truly looks its best.

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BODY TRUFFLE 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Luxury Body Moisturiser

A celebration for the body!