Exfoliation is a step that we know should be in our routine but how many of us go a couple of weeks and realise that your exfoliator hasn’t been touched? For those of you who need a little reminder of why you should be exfoliating and for those who are a little perplexed about why you take the time to exfoliate we have put together our guide to exfoliating...

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Exfoliation can be performed mechanically or chemically. Mechanical exfoliation involves physical exfoliants which are products containing sugar, salt or beads that scrub the dead the skin off. Chemical exfoliators are products that use glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid to chemically break down the outer layer surface buildup.

It is important not to use an exfoliator with too large of a granule as this will be too abrasive and can damage skin. Large granules can tear skin tissue and lead to infection and breakouts.

Breakfast Smoothie is a creamy-textured exfoliator that gently cleanses and polishes without upsetting the balance of your skin. It is formulated with jojoba, olive, apricot, honey, papaya, strawberry and oats which nourish, hydrate, smooth and soften skin while sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal a bright and smooth complexion.

Gommage exfoliators are enzyme-rich gels which you massage into skin, the product will roll up into small balls picking up dead skin as you remove it. The terms ‘gommage’ is the French word ‘to erase’. The Big Reveal is a glycolic resurfacing treatment gel that rolls and threads like a spa-professional gommage and miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave skin unbelievably smooth and bright. The professional strength formula includes naturally exfoliating glycolic acids, red clover, raspberry and pomegranate leaving you with a soft, clearer and glowing complexion.

Why Exfoliate?

Gives you a more radiant complexion

When dead skin cells build up they give your complexion a dull appearance. Gently buffing away dead skin cells reveals healthy cells underneath leaving you with a more youthful glow. It also allows serums and moisturisers to more effectively penetrate skin, enhancing their performance. Exfoliating also improves skin turnover which aids skin renewal giving you a radiant and fresh complexion.

Improves the skin’s texture

When dead, dull skin cells sit on top of your skin it provides an uneven surface and your complexion will look and feel rough. Exfoliating improves the skin’s texture providing you with smooth, soft skin which will give you an even base on which to apply makeup.

Help to reduces the formation of breakouts

The build-up of dead skin cells can lead to clogged pores and excess oil which can result in breakouts and oily skin. Regularly exfoliating helps to prevent blocked pores, blackhead formation and blemishes.

Gives skin a more youthful appearance

Dead skin cells not only make skin appear dull but can also accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. As you age, your cell turnover rate slows down which results in dull and flaky skin, exfoliating helps products to penetrate better and keeps skin healthy and smooth.

When to Exfoliate

While exfoliating has many benefits, over exfoliating skin can cause irritation, redness, sensitivity and can damage healthy skin cells. It can also strip skin of its natural oils which may cause dehydration or the production of excess oil and cause breakouts. How often you should exfoliate depends on your particular skin type but for most people it is one to two times a week. Those with sensitive or dry skin should exfoliate less often than those with oily skin. To determine how often you should exfoliate start with once a week and monitor how your skin reacts. Most people will find that they can exfoliate more often during warm summer months and less often in winter when skin is usually drier and more prone to sensitivity.

How to Exfoliate

You should always start with clean skin so wash your face before you exfoliate so that your face is clear of make-up, environmental pollutants and daily dirt. Regardless of your skin type it is important to exfoliate gently so use light to medium pressure and let the product do the work. Apply exfoliator to wet skin and massage in circular upward motions. If your face is red or irritated after exfoliating you may be using an exfoliator that is too harsh or you be scrubbing your skin too hard.

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