A face moisturiser is a type of facial product that you leave on the skin, they often come as either creams, lotions, balms or gels and their main purpose is to hydrate the skin. They do this by trapping moisture in the skin and preventing it from evaporating away. These days, moisturisers often have many other purposes such as settling sensitive skin, keeping oily skin at bay and targeting signs of ageing on the skin.

Whatever the skin concern we have the solution! TEMPLESPA have a wide range of facial creams & moisturisers to suit your skin needs… read on to find your perfect match.


Blessed with pretty normal skin? We recommend you try LIFE DEFENCE moisturiser cream. This feather-light moisturiser spf cream contains a broad spectrum SPF 30 and blue light filters to help protect your skin against daily pollution, harmful UVA & UVB rays, damaging blue light rays, wind, aircon and central heating.


If your skin can be dry one minute and oily the next, it sounds like you have classic combination skin. This is the most common skin type and we pride ourselves on being the best skincare brand for combination skin. We recommend you try MOISTURE TO GO; this balancing daily moisturiser helps to treat different skin types at the same time, pumping much needed hydration into your skin whilst at the same time mopping up excess oil and helping to keep breakouts at bay.


“Moisturiser? WHAT? I need to add any more oil or hydration to my skin!”

Find yourself thinking this? Daily moisturising is actually an essential part of managing typically oily skin. Say hello to MOISTURE MATTE, we would say one of our best moisturisers for oily skin.

Using this mattifying moisturiser every day can help to balance oily skin and regulate the production of oil in the skin. This beautifully soft, lightweight moisturiser helps to keep skin looking and feeling matte all day, leaving your complexion shine-free!


Struggling with redness and sensitivity? BE STILL is our best lightweight moisturiser for sensitive skin. This calming facial cream is extremely gentle on fragile skin and helps to soothe, calm and settle, keeping inflammation at bay. Using BE STILL regularly can help to strengthen skin and prevent redness from occurring.


If dry skin is stopping you from reaching your complexion goals, we recommend you use DOUBLE CREAM hydrating facial cream. This rich and creamy moisturiser works wonders on dry, chapped and dehydrated skin leaving your skin feeling nourished, plumped and quenched. Hydrating Mediterranean ingredients such as avocado, red pepper and olive oil work together in unison to leave your skin feeling comfortable.


All TEMPLESPA moisturisers are anti-ageing, they have been specifically formulated to contain ingredients that help combat the typical signs of ageing skin. However, if you feel like something that has been specifically developed for ageing skin, or just a little extra indulgence, we recommend SKIN TRUFFLE. This luxury facial cream targets fine lines & wrinkles, helps to improve skin tone, deeply moisturises and instantly brightens. The rich and creamy texture leaves your skin instantly revived and glowing with a healthy radiance.

TRUFFLE NOIR is the perfect partner to Skin Truffle, it’s also a great moisturiser for men. It works to rejuvenate skin around the clock, providing instant radiance and deeply hydrated skin; its our best facial cream for glowing skin.


Need to catch some much needed zzz’s but struggling to nod off? REPOSE aromatherapy moisturiser is the perfect prescription for a good night’s sleep. Pop it on your face and décolleté before bedtime and let your soul feel instantly relaxed and dreamy, and your skin comforted and well-rested.

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