For targeted, specialist skincare, Face masks have been the cornerstone of beauty regimes for decades.  Whether your concern is congested skin, aging texture or dullness, a well chosen face mask is the best way to tackle your skin problem head on; fast tracking renewal, hydration and clearing breakouts. 

As we continue to age, collagen production slows down, elasticity in our skin diminishes and lines and wrinkles appear as we lose firmness.  The dreaded ‘sagging’ of the neck and jowls are at the top of most people’s skin concerns when facing the multiple signs of aging.  Sagging is perhaps the trickiest thing to treat, leading to many people braving scary surgical procedures and needles for lifts and fillers.

Nowadays however, as skincare continues to evolve, there have never been more ways to get a non-surgical face lift.  With the offering of specialist and results driven products packed with high-powered ingredients coupled with an ‘inside out’ approach to health, skin can be firmed, lifted and tightened for more natural-looking, long-term results.

Along with the usual lifestyle choices that help slow the aging process… using sunscreen daily, eating a clean diet, not smoking, limiting alcohol and sugar consumption, exercising, and keeping inflammation at bay, we can also build a high quality skincare routine with targeted mask treatments to stave off aging skin.  In the pursuit of a more youthful complexion, anti-aging and firming face masks, if used regularly, can bring about transforming results and help prevent further signs of aging.

Look for products with tightening and plumping benefits and ingredients such as retinol and collagen stimulating formulations.  THE CONTOURIST is a vitamin C skin quenching bio-cellulose sheet mask that’s helps to firm, sculpt and define facial contours, while brightening up your skin, lifting and smoothing wrinkles.  The magic is in the compression style cloth that hugs your face, chin and jaw tight, whilst deeply infusing your skin with an advanced skin-perfecting serum. Clinically proven to, literally leave skin visibly lifted, feeling firmer and with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this firming sheet face mask is excellent if used with a massage tool or your fingertips. 

Lifting movements from the jaw up the face towards the hairline can give a deeper penetration of the serum and encourage cell renewal.  Regular massage stimulates the skin to help increase facial muscle tone and tighten slackness.  THE ELEVATOR is a neck, jaw and face massager to help sculpt and lift the delicate contours of your face.  The unique, soft touch rolling heads and massager nodules encourage lymphatic drainage by moving toxins out of the skin cells so that vital nutrients and oxygen can travel in.  A wonderful tool for lifting, tightening and reducing puffiness and congestion for a youthful, healthy glow.

The eye contour is a very telling area and the first to give away our age.  The skin around the eye is super delicate and particularly sensitive to stress, lack of sleep and environmental nasties.  As one of the most expressive areas of the face, our eyes are constantly contracting which accelerates the signs of aging and appearance of wrinkles.  Dark circles and bags, drooping eyelids, frown lines and crow’s feet are all signs of aging eyes caused by lack of tissue firmness, hydration and thinning of the skin.  We’ve all got a stash of various eye serums, creams and lotions in our cupboards but, sometimes, our eyes need more of a lift.  Literally.


Get your very own at home eye lift with EYE WILL SURVIVE  our seriously results-driven eye mask patches that work to brighten, reduce puffiness and visibly firm the eye area, and our EYE THERAPIST eye massagers to increase microcirculation, improve muscle tone and reduce facial tension resulting in a brighter eye area that appears lifted.

This superhero double act has some impressive anti-sagging skills with Marine Exopolysaccharide to tighten, smooth and promote longer-term collagen and elastin boosting action, Kombuchka™ black tea ferment to soothe and reduce inflammation and Peach Resin Extract to freshen and tone the eye area and to improve the appearance of dark circles.

Double up on the firming benefits by using a complimentary lifting and firming serum after your mask treatments and take it into your daily regime for an everyday boost.  Whether your skin needs a calming lift or a more potent anti-aging formulation, opt for a serum that suits your skincare needs.  BE STRONG is a wonderful intensive skin repair serum to help strengthen, restore, soothe and firm, it delivers a boost of vitamins and natural plant extracts to the cell renewal layer, so when new skin comes to the surface it has already received the nutrition it needs to be healthy and strong. 

BE FIRM is perfect for anti-aging and lifting.  This serum helps to restructure, smooth, lift and firm as it boosts collagen production and skin elasticity, helping to fade fine lines and wrinkles and slow down their further development. 

Bright eyes, firmer skin and bigger smiles all round!