Squats, lunges, step ups. REPEAT. Have you been working your way towards a bodacious booty like Beyoncé? Whilst we take our hats off to you for getting yourself off the sofa (we’re still thinking about it) it’s important to not forget to look after your skin as much as the rest of you. A balanced, healthy diet is always important and making sure your keep yourself hydrated goes without saying, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your skin. So step away from the treadmill for a moment or two and here is our perfect guide to your gym for the skin!

Exalt – “A nip and tuck in a jar”. Recommended by Natural Health you can turn back time with this heavenly neck cream gel. Formulated using natural ingredients, Exalt, will deeply moisturise your skin, improving texture and strength. It is a perfect product for prematurely aged skin or simply if you’re trying to slow the process down. Exalt locks in moisture and also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, helping to promote a firmer, stronger and younger looking skin. Use it day or night after your daily cleansing ritual by applying a small amount onto the back of both of your hands, massaging upwards and outwards in long strokes until fully absorbed into the skin on your neck.

EXALT 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
Neck Firming Cream

A nip & tuck in a jar!


Go figure – Have you found yourself looking in the mirror expecting to see Kim Kardashian and killer behind in the reflection but instead of saying “does my bum look big in this” and hoping the answer is “yes”, in reality you feel like there are a few wobbly bits that are possibly wobblier than when you started? What you need is a pair of magic knickers in a bottle, this really will be your thighs, bum and tums new best friend! Simply put it fights cellulite, energises your skin, smooths and tones. Apply morning and night on dry skin using rigorous upward motions and it will help to breakdown the fat.

No Pain, No Gain – How many times have you heard a gym instructor shout this at you whilst you’re slowing dying in an exercise class? Well this product is all the gain without the pain. No Pain No Gain is a deep tissue natural massager that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It increases circulation and helps to break down toxins. The perfect partner for Go figure and ideal for use on the arms, legs, thighs and even your tum.

Duvet – We all love a duvet day and this gorgeous body cream and been designed to envelop the body, leaving it hydrated, feeling firm, whilst smoothing, toning and wonderfully fragranced. All thanks to some incredible ingredients such as Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Black Pepper oil, Liquorice, Patchouli and Pomegranate. It has incredible anti-ageing benefits and the creamy texture leaves your skin feeling like cashmere.

DUVET 180 ml / 6 fl.oz.
Hydrating Body Cream

A hug for body and soul!


So whilst we salute your exercise regime, at least with these products up your sleeve you can afford to take it easy from time.