Despite the cool weather we’ve been experiencing of late, summer is just around the corner and warm weather will mean skin baring summer clothes so why not go ahead add a couple of steps to your daily routine now to ensure that you’ll be summer ready.

Take advantage of your apps

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You probably have an app to help you feel calm, to keep your day organized and to help you sleep but if you’ve yet to incorporate fitness apps into your daily life now may be the time to consider them.

Tools such as a daily food diary is a great way to keep you on track as it helps you to consider your food choices and having to write down everything that you eat each day really makes you accountable for every snack and unhealthy meal selection that you make. We all know how easy it is to ‘forget’ that mid afternoon biscuit break!

For those with busy schedules that struggle to find time for exercise, short fitness videos with an app or youtube video are great ways to add a little bit of exercise into each day. If you have time for a tv programme or to mindlessly scroll through your phone then you have time to exercise, even if it is just for 15 mins!

Establish a baseline

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To stay motivated you need to see results so before partaking in a new fitness regime take note of your baseline fitness, whether that means timing how long you can run before needing to rest, how long you can hold a wall squat or how long you can hold a plank. This will help you track your progress and will keep you motivated to continue.

Out of sight out of mind

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If you are attempting to eat healthily then try not to keep tempting treats in your cupboards and try to pre-plan meals to avoid snacking on convenient but unhealthy food. At dinnertime dish up your portion and then put any remaining food away to avoid the temptation to come back for seconds and ensure that you keep healthy snacks on hand for times when hunger suddenly strikes.

Front load

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If you are trying to sensibly lose a little bit of weight then eat the majority of your days calories before 3pm. This means ensuring that your lunch doesn’t get pushed to the mid-afternoon and having a light supper in the evening. As the saying goes; eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper.

Start your summertime skincare routine

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If you want to have smooth, soft skin by summertime then now is the time to develop a bodycare routine. Ensure that you use a moisturising cream or a body oil daily and apply it within a few minutes of getting out of the shower to ensure maximum absorbency. Duvet is formulated with hydrating and firming ingredients which leave skin soft, smooth, toned and intensely moisturised.

To help improve the tone and texture of skin use a product such as Go Figure; a high-tech serum-gel that stimulates circulation and works on cellulite for a smoother, firmer and slimmer looking bum, tum and thighs. Ensure that you feel at your best when baring your body prepare 6 weeks before your holiday with a daily application of Go Figure.

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Dream On

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This may seem like an easy way to get summer ready but it’s importance is often overlooked. A lack of sleep negatively affects both your body and mind. Studies have shown that too little sleep increases carb cravings due to a lack of energy. When you don’t get enough sleep it normally shows in your skin as your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol which can break down the collagen that keeps skin smooth and plump. You are probably also familiar with the lacklustre skin, puffy eyes and dark circles that tend to come along with a bad night’s sleep all of which will stop you feeling your best.

Discover our tips for getting the best night sleep.

Final Word

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Getting summer ready may be something that keeps slipping down your daily priority list but before you know it summer will be here and adding a few easy steps to your routine now will prevent the last minute pre-holiday panic.

Let us know your tips and tricks for getting summer ready.