We’ve all had that feeling at the end of a frazzled day when we’re just ready to relax. Especially with the global events from the past year (let’s not mention that!) we’re all in need of a calming and stress-free environment.

Here at TEMPLESPA we’re proud of our brand ethos to “Live, Breathe and Love Who You Are” and taking a few moments from your day to really check-in with yourself and experience better overall wellbeing is so important.


So how do you destress and unwind? We’re here to share with you our top tips – but don’t forget to check out our previous posts on Wellness At Home and Liz’s Nighttime Relaxation Routine too!


1. Have A Laugh

Having a chuckle and sharing a funny moment is a great way to release tension and pressure which can result in stress. Why not find your favourite comedian on Youtube or catch up with a popular sitcom show? Every time you laugh, you release the feel-good hormone endorphins and decreases the stress hormones! We prescribe you at least one laugh a day.


2. Visualise Calm 

If calm and peace is chilling out on a beach with the waves softly crashing against the sand, visualise it! Or if feeling the sun on your skin and hearing the birds singing brings you a sense of relaxation, take yourself there! Even if it’s just for five minutes, close your eyes and focus on visualising what calm means to you.

3. Take A Bubble Bath

The oldest trick in the book, but still one of the most valuable. When was the last time you gave yourself a pampering bath? Take time to shut off from the world, pick up a good book, set the mood with a Temple Spa candle and choose a relaxing bath oil (we love DRIFT AWAY!). Time to relax….


4. Offload Your Brain The Night Before

We love to call this Brain Junk! It’s the active technique of writing and offloading all your thoughts and worries before going to sleep, achieving that unwinding feeling. Create a list or draw a bin to ‘throw’ your thoughts in – it’s sure fire way to head off to the land of nod…


5. Practice Your Breathing Techniques

Harnessing the power of breathing is one of the most positive things you can do for your wellbeing. Try this; close your eyes and breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds, counting in your head. Hold for 7 seconds, then breathe out for 7 seconds through your mouth. Focus on the counting and taking deep breaths for as long as needed. Feeling that tension and stress disappear?


6. Talk and communicate

Having a good old-fashioned phone call with your friend or loved one can do your stressed brain the world of good. Expressing your worries out loud helps to gain perspective, build better relationships and can even help you solve a stressful problem!


7. Nourish Your Body

You wouldn’t fill up your car with the wrong fuel, so how can you expect your body to run on the wrong food? Stress can lead us to missing important meals and essential food categories all together. Take a look at what food you’re eating and see whether there’s any way to help improve it, such as a handful of almonds with a wealth of vitamins or an orange to boost vitamin C levels.

8. De-Stress Your Office

With more of us working from home, our home office is an area which can cause the most stress. Only by creating an area where we can work effectively and without unnecessary stress, we can achieve maximum balance and wellbeing for ourselves. Everything you need for a calming office environment is in our All Being Well Kit – from the mood enhancing QUIETUDE room spray to the cooling AAAHHH! Balm to sooth aches and pains.


9. Spend Time In Nature

Connecting with nature is large part of the TEMPLESPA brand ethos – we were born in the sunny Mediterranean after all! We love to take walks in nature, at any of time the year to breathe and absorb all of its beauty. It helps to release tension and put any stressful situations into perspective.


10. Getting The Right Bedtime Routine

If you’re not unwinding from a busy day correctly, your mind and body won’t have chance to recover for the following day. Take an hour before you go to bed to check out a new podcast, delve into a new book and take your time on your skincare routine – our favourite REPOSE is a great option here!


We hope these tips have inspired and helped you on your journey to destressing and unwinding. We’d love to hear your tips or how ours have helped you, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join in the conversation with us.