Calm and work aren’t usually two words you’d pair together, are they? Our aim at TEMPLESPA is to spa wherever you are – that’s not to say you’re to bring along the slippers to your next board meeting or wear a towel turban for your daily Teams call!

As part of our month of wellness with Mind, we’re here to help you find and embrace the calm at work. Because it’s definitely there, you just need to discover it. Especially during the current global events, work has become stressful for many having to adapt to new changes and work environments.

Start by looking at your workspace. If you’re working from home, it’s essential to have a separate area for your work and keeping this area tidy will allow your mind to focus. Structure your day in sections, leaving regular breaks away from your computer and social media – no checking Twitter or BBC News every five minutes!

And hey, we’re all in this together and whilst the future can look unnerving at the moment, remembering this will help to avoid your mind going into a spiral and keeping a calm perspective.

Now you’ve found your calm, how are you going to embrace it? Start by getting into a routine, whether that’s writing down your daily to-do list, visualising your day ahead with clear set tasks and clocking off at the right time. Embrace the greatness of a calm and focused mind!

Keep this page bookmarked for when you’re feeling frazzled at work and need a reminder of a calm mind for the workplace.