We all know that sleep is essential for good health but it’s often easier said than done. Your sleep matters to us, so treat your skin, body & soul to the best nights sleep ever with our favourite sleep tips and our TEMPLESPA Bedtime Ritual

Keep evening meals light

If you eat a heavy meal too close to bedtime your body will be focused on digesting – not sleeping! Eat lighter meals that are easy to digest (good carbs & vegetables). Or eat earlier on nights that you simply must sleep well.

Watch what you drink

Avoid drinking caffeinated tea or coffee within 6 hours of bedtime. And no alcoholic nightcaps – whilst they might help you get to sleep, they also cause you to wake up more frequently.

Clock watching

Go to bed and get up at the same time each day so your body gets into a sleep/wake cycle and you get a better night. Yep that includes the weekends too! Plus, set an alarm to remind you to go to bed (not just to wake up in the morning). If you don't fall asleep within 30 minutes try getting up, do something relaxing and then go back to bed when you're tired. Agonising over falling asleep makes nodding off even harder.

Bedtime rituals

Tell your body it’s sleep time by doing the same things every night. Turn the lights down low, take a warm bath or shower, stretch, relax both skin and mind with a quick body or face massage routine, read, or listen to soothing music. All these things can wind you down gently.

Power down an hour before bed

Turn off all devices (TV’s, smart phones, computers) one hour before bedtime. Bright light (and especially screen light) triggers our brains to stay alert. Plus, don’t charge your phone by the bed – keep it in another room.

Set up the ideal ambiance

Total darkness, quietness, some deep breathing and a cool room temperature make the perfect sleep environment.

Work it out

Be sure to regularly exercise during the day to burn up energy, but just don’t do it too close to bedtime as this will rev you up and make you too wired for sleep.

And breath

De-stress. Be calm. Take 3 deep breaths in and let each breath out slowly – imagine you are blowing up a balloon inside. That means letting your tummy and chest expand as you breath in, and let it subside as you breath out.

Know that it’s OK to take ‘me-time’ to prep for sleep. Make to-do lists and jot down what’s on your mind to get things out of your head while you sleep. It really works.

Are you a night-shift worker? Follow the same rules but during the day!

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