How & Why You Should Detox Your Skin

Facial Detox Tips

We use this word a lot especially at this time of year when our festive excess makes us feel sluggish, slower, overdone and our skin dull and clogged-up. To many people it’s a term used purely to; “Have a good clear out, a clean-up and put your sparkle back on!” To get yourself back on track for the start of the year.

Where our bodies are concerned an internal detox can be taking on the latest fashionable diet craze; doing dry January, joining the gym or simply abstaining from caffeine. All good for us no matter how long the intent lasts.

However, our bodies naturally detox all the time, working hard to purge and neutralise harmful toxins that we consume and also the pollutants in the environment we live in. 24 hours a day as we go about our business and even when we sleep. Choosing to lead a healthier start to the New Year helps your body to do this more easily. Even if you only last the month which most of us do; by February it’s reported that 80% of health resolutions set have gone out of the window.

Giving your body a respite from known nasties is therefore a really good thing and will impact on all of your major organs encouraging each to function more effectively. This in turn will show in your general health, your energy levels, your stress levels, your sleep patterns and your mood. Given the fact your skin is the largest organ it’s no surprise a detoxing plan will improve your skin all over, inside out. And when your skin looks good you feel good.

Most of us are more concerned with the skin on our face and we can influence this with a double detox. Internally through diet and externally with a skin detox regime.

Follow our 3-step facial detox routine and discover how to claim back glowing, radiant facial skin, that’s smooth, less tired and healthier looking.

3-Step Facial Detox Routine

1. Cleanse To Detox Your Skin

IN THE BEGINNING deep cleansing melt is our number one best-selling facial cleanser. An olive butter-based balm that melts on contact with the skin dissolving away make-up and daily grime.

We call this a hand-blended facial in a jar simply because it leaves your skin deeply cleansed, soft and radiant just as a spa facial does. When hand-made tiny crystals form to give this unique formula a light polishing effect. These crystals glide over the skin and melt in around 30 seconds.

The trick for best use is to continue massaging and working the cleanser over your face until they have all gone. Remove with our TAKE IT OFF muslin cloth for a super clean sweep. Best for all skin types but especially dry, dull and mature skin.

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2. Polish Your Skin To Stimulate & Refresh It

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle facial exfoliator is the best exfoliator for all skin types. Much like a daily smoothie that you would whizz up in the kitchen for breakfast this is the same for your face. Nutritious and clever. 

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Deliciously aromatic and uplifting its creamy texture is packed full of honey, juices from papaya, orange, pear and strawberry that together nibble away at dead skin and oats that gently polish away old skin cells leaving behind a brighter, smoother surface. Its stimulating, refreshing and super healthy for your skin.

Apply a pea-sized amount to wet clean skin and massage over neck and face using circular movements and rinse.

3. Detox Your Skin By Purging & Purifying

Congested skin with clogged up pores looks dull and uneven, tired and unhealthy. We have the solution; PURIFICATION deep cleansing mask.

Best for oily skin but also great for all skin types in need of a deep detox. It will give your skin a serious purge literally extracting and pulling dirt, grime and dead skin cells from the skin – that’s why we lovingly call it a vacuum cleaner for the skin. Its clay and kaolin base with Tea Tree, Lavender and Myrtle essential oils and algae together pack a real punch and it’s our best mask for spots, blemishes, blackheads, blocked pores and oily skin.

Take a teaspoon amount of PURIFICATION facial mask and apply over the t-zone (think of a T with the top to the T running above your eyebrows, and down your nose, missing your mouth, ending on your chin area) or any problem areas, or all over your face and neck. After 10 minutes remove with a dark damp flannel and rinse off with warm water.

In our independent trials 88% of users agreed this gave them a glowing complexion and 96% said it helped to decongest pores. It works

Once complete follow with toner, serum and moisturiser admire your bright, vibrant and healthy complexion. You’re ready to glow.

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