From the TEMPLESPA office - Moisturisers

Skincare is very specific to individual's particular skin, something that is very evident when we're discussing our go-to products and current skincare routines around the office. We love sharing our tips, tricks and routines so we thought we’d share some of our current favourites starting with moisturisers...

"My skin has a split personality and can’t make up its mind whether it’s oily or dry. My t-zone often experiences an unwanted shine and I suffer from breakouts on my forehead, but on the other hand it can also can feel dry and tight on my cheeks. To combat my skin concerns I use a combo of Moisture To Go in the morning and Repose in the evening. I love using Moisture To Go in the morning as it quickly absorbs into the skin, mattifies shine, moisturises, hydrates and acts as the perfect base for my makeup."

"My evening routine however is a different story as I love to use Repose before I go to bed! It has a texture that is to die for and has the most relaxing fragrance I have ever experienced from a skincare product. But most importantly, it’s intensely hydrating and soothes my skin ready for bed."

Ellie - Marketing Assistant


"Keeping my incredibly dry skin from resembling a desert is a constant struggle so I rely on a plethora of moisturising products including serums, masks and a rich moisturiser. I love Double Cream; its creamy nourishing texture makes it an ideal night-time moisturiser yet despite its richness it provides the perfect base on which to apply makeup. It also helps me to avoid the dreaded flakiness that often greets me in the mirror by lunchtime."

"The other unfortunate consequence of dry skin is that fine lines (actually less fine but definitely lines) and wrinkles are accentuated so I also love anti-ageing products. Skin Truffle makes the perfect morning time moisturiser as it provides instant radiance even before my morning coffee pick-me-up and helps to reduce the appearance of my lines and wrinkles."

Alice - Product Development

"If, like me, you’re a lazy millennial with high expectations, Life Defence is the perfect every day beauty product. It’s a moisturiser with SPF25 it defends against sun and environmental damage. It primes your skin well for makeup, has a lovely texture AND it smells amazing. #whatmoredoyouwant"

Rebecca - Executive Assistant

    Brightening & Rejuvenating Face Cream

    A celebration for the skin!

  1. Jar of REPOSE relaxing night cream for peace and relaxation with a box
    Relaxing Night Cream

    A good night's sleep in a jar!

    Face Moisturiser for Dry Skin

    Indulgence in a jar!

    SPF 30 Moisturiser

    Your front line skin defender!

    Moisturiser for Combination Skin

    Liquid velvet for the skin!