It’s March, which means one thing and one thing only, right?! National Bed Month, of course!! The truth is we really do need sleep. I don’t doubt for a moment there are super mums out there who feel like they are defying science by living off minimal amounts, but it doesn’t change the fact it isn’t healthy for you. “You tell me I need to sleep more whilst managing teething twins, working extra shifts and coping with a hyperactive Cocker Spaniel” I hear you cry – and yes, you are totally right, it’s definitely easier said than done, but the good news is….we’re here to help. Not quite literally, TEMPLESPA haven’t branched off and now operating an international babysitting/dog walking business, but a few tips to help you along the way might just be what you need.

National Bed Month is an awareness campaign that’s promoted by The Sleep Council, simply sharing the importance of a good bed, great sleep and staying healthy. The epitome of TEMPLESPA is about well being. Not hope in a bottle or believing that life's problems can disappear at the mere whiff of an essential oil – but by offering a range of divine preparations and treatments aimed at busy people, the overstressed and those that love the very best in skin care.

One of the Sleep Council's recommended tips for a good night is to create a good sleep environment. We couldn’t agree more. You definitely want to avoid getting into bed amongst all the chaos with yesterday’s washing tripping you up just as you’re about to tuck yourself in. For additional tips on how to get a decent night sleep, read our entry creatively titled ‘How to get a great night sleep’ you’ll thank us in the morning!

Spraying a spritz of Quietude onto your pillow and even onto your pulse points will induce a feeling of peace and calm. Quietude is a bit of a wonder product in the world of TEMPLESPA and sleep, it’s used in 57,000 hotels each night as part of a sleep kit in hotels around the world. It contains a beautiful blend of aromatherapy essential oils helping to induce a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Sleep Council also suggest that Chamomile, Lavender, Hops and Orange Blossom help to induce sleep. Now, if only we had a product that contained some of those key ingredients. Oh wait, we do! Repose is without a doubt the Hero product of TEMPLESPA. This beautifully sophisticated aromatherapy resting cream helps calm your soul while it treats your skin. It’s a gorgeous mélange of frankincense which encourages you to breathe deeply, hops is renowned to aid restful sleep and lavender known for its soothing and relaxing aroma.  Mmmm.... heaven!

There’s nothing worse than getting into bed and being totally aware of your aching feet and legs. You’ve been running yourself ragged all day and may have even mustered up some energy to pop to the gym, although the Sleep Council don’t recommend intensive exercise 4 hours before bed (YES! That’s the excuse we’ve been looking for!). Simply put, you want to get into bed, sink into your pillow and go “Aaahhh!” Well what you really need is, ‘Aaahhh!’ It’s a lightweight balm that cools, soothes and refreshes your legs which helps to reduce swelling and fluid retention.

Life might just be totally crazy for you right now, or may have been for quite some time and the struggles are definitely not helped when we are lacking from sleep. So take a bit of ‘me time’ and treat yourself to a lovely bedtime routine. Sleep well!

AAAHHH! 150 ml / 5 fl.oz.
Instant Cooling Balm

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Calming Aromatherapy Spray

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