There are some comforting phrases in life and ‘it’s all good’ is definitely one of them. We are naturally drawn to friends who have that phrase in their personal lexicon.

Here at TEMPLESPA, we like our food and skincare to be the same. Nutritious, comforting and will stand by us when we’re feeling a bit raw or sensitive.

Our new favourite skincare friend is in fact ITS ALL GOOD. That’s its name because frankly... it is all good! Rich in ingredients that give your skin a rest, let it breathe and reverse the toxic overload. We know a few people who could learn from that!

A light, highly nutritious skin oil that brings comfort and tenderness to your skin - one of those friends too who doesn’t care if you’re in your PJ’s with no makeup!

It’s the perfect treatment for the stretch marks and scars that are hiding on our bodies. With It’s All Good, you can actually see them reducing in nastiness! It has the most gorgeous texture and fragrance, and we just love using it.

Our skin can sometimes be quite sensitive and so when all that stress is rearing its ugly head on our complexion, grab a bottle of IT’S ALL GOOD and within a few minutes, your skin feels quite normal again.

It’s also the loveliest massage medium we’ve ever used. So pop into your PJ’s, give your face a double cleanse and watch the video below to learn how to give yourself a home face massage. Aaahhhhhhh.....!