Not just a pretty face

Everyone loves a new outfit don’t they? Especially when it makes you feel gorgeous! Well, you may have noticed that we've got on some clothes here at TEMPLESPA too.

We’ve never liked over-packaging, and since we began creating our professional skin care products over 10 years ago we’ve used a minimal approach and packaged our products in those handy hard plastic containers, which you all said you loved to collect for storing those bits & bobs in. But like a favourite pair of stilettos, sometimes it’s time for an update.

The beautiful Mediterranean continues to inspire everything about our brand, from a relaxed, stress-free philosophy to products based on Mediterranean sourced ingredients to treatment themes. And now, the passion, spirit and heartbeat of this magnificent region has become the inspiration for our new clothes too!   

The core skincare is the timeless colour of soft grey-stone reminiscent of ancient spa architecture. This is surrounded with exciting Mediterranean colours borrowed from landscapes of Cyprus trees, olive groves, turquoise seas, citrus groves and sunbaked terracotta. Mmmm!

But it’s so much more than just a new colour scheme. Pick up one of our cartons and you’ll be seduced by its gorgeous velvet-touch finish – you’ll not want to put it down!

Inside you’ll find our luxurious, anti-ageing natural skin care products, aromatherapy products and body care products, rich in botanicals and crafted with cutting-edge derma science.

See? Our products are so much more than a pretty face!

    24-Hour Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

    Round the clock regeneration

    Moisturiser for Oily Skin

    Liquid cashmere for the skin!