Let’s face it, Christmas 2020 has crept up upon us all! From gorgeous summer evenings to the crisp sound of autumn leaves underfoot and now the jolly sounds of Christmas and festive cheer on the horizon. That’s why we’re sharing our top Christmas ideas, so you can have a stress-free and enjoyable season with us.


Here at TEMPLESPA we all love Christmas. It’s the time for us to be thankful for another brilliant year (keep an eye out for our 2020 year round up!) and give gifts to our loved ones and each other.​

In our INTO THE WOODS Mediterranean Christmas Seasonal Collection, we have the perfect secret santa gift in our SMOOTH TALKING LIP TRIO or if you’re on the hunt for a stocking filler, our DREAM STONES aromatic soap bars are beautiful to smell and behold. Or go luxurious with ABSOLUTE TRUFFLE, treat someone or yourself to our crème de la crème of skincare collection – glowing skin here we come!

​If you’re truly stuck for ideas, the Present Finder is a great way to give you inspiration on your Christmas gift set hunt!


Tinsel, lights and baubles galore, there’s nothing quite like a decorated Christmas tree and home this season. Why not try a themed Christmas tree this year? Stick a festive film or music on and start decorating, it doesn’t have to be the perfect tree but perfect and unique to you.

If the kids are at home or you fancy getting creative, bring out the Christmas crafts! There are brilliant kits online which offer different levels of crafting or why not look on Pinterest for inspiration? Search for Christmas Crafts or Christmas Decoration Ideas and have fun with it all.


A post about our Top Christmas Ideas for 2020 wouldn’t be without an entertainment section. While this year will likely look different to others, we are taking 2020 as the opportunity to be inventive with our Christmas entertainment.​

Create your own quiz from the year, personal to events and funny anecdotes from the year and the winner has first dibs on the chocolate selection box! Bring back traditional games like charades and Pictionary with a festive twist, or why not break up the time between Christmas dinner and dessert with a festive round of bingo?​

Adding easy to understand games that are suitable for everyone will help to keep Christmas day lulls and squabbles to a minimum!

Skin Care Pamper

And throughout all of the Christmas season, don’t forget to give yourself a skin care pamper. Our best (if we may say so) Christmas idea for 2020 is to truly take care of yourself. The message at TEMPLESPA is “We believe your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy it and live it to the full” and so put the brakes on from running 150mph in a festive hurricane.

Run yourself a bath, light some candles, drizzle some of DRIFT AWAY from our DO NOT DISTURB Christmas Collection  in the bath and pop on a TEMPLESPA face mask (we recommend BECALM in the DO NOT DISTURB Christmas Collection to add hydration and calm irritation!) Zen out, relax and feel restored.

We hope you’ve found some great Christmas ideas for the season this year – make sure to share your creations, decorations and TEMPLESPA pamper nights with us on social media!

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