Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

One of the most effective ways to prolong a tan is to keep skin hydrated and moisturised so if it isn’t already part of your daily routine now’s the time to incorporate a face and body moisturiser into your regime.

Body Truffle makes an ideal post holiday body moisturiser, it’s formulated with cocoa butter, shea butter and hyaluronic acid which moisturise, soften, smooth and nourish skin. It also harnesses the special illuminating effects of rose quartz to leave skin looking radiant and lustrous.

Don’t forget about your face as this is usually the area where tan fades first. Skin Truffle is a luxury moisturiser that brings immediate radiance as well as powerful hydrating benefits. It provides long term hydration and helps to firm skin by replacing lost moisture. It contains HappyBelle-PE which helps to revitalise skin with a radiant glow enabling you to keep your holiday dreams alive.

BODY TRUFFLE 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Luxury Body Moisturiser

A celebration for the body!

Brightening & Rejuvenating Face Cream

A celebration for the skin!


Gently Exfoliate

Once you’re back into your usual routine continue exfoliating a couple of times a week to prevent the build up dead skin cells that can leave skin looking dull and lacklustre. For a quick and easy solution use It’s A Wonderful Life, an exfoliator and shower gel in one that not only leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed but also contains melted jojoba beads and walnut shell to buff and polish your skin to silky smoothness leaving it bright and glowing. Follow with your body moisturiser to seal in the hydrating effects.

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE 150 ml / 5 fl.oz.
Energising Body Shower Scrub

Get up & glow!


Keep It Cool

Speaking of showers, try to avoid long, hot showers as this will dehydrate your skin. As enjoyable as it may feel, try to keep the heat down and follow your shower with a rich, hydrating moisturiser to help maintain your summer glow.

Tailor Your Wardrobe

To really show off your sun-kissed skin opt for items that accentuate your tan. White is always a great option for highlighting a tan as light tones can help make skin appear darker. Alternatively pick a punchy shade of yellow, coral, pink or blue; warm shades help highlight golden tones while brights make the perfect contrast to bronzed skin. Any colour that makes you feel bright and happy will also provide some mood boosting radiance.

Enhance It

To recreate your fresh faced golden complexion post-holiday, keep your base light and pared down and then layer on bronzer and highlighter for natural looking radiant skin. Look On The Bright Side is a luscious liquid illuminator and highlighter that contains a cocktail of talented, brightness boosting ingredients plus anti-ageing Vitamin B3, pomegranate, red clover, ginger and mint extract. It will leave your skin positively glowing, toned and illuminated.
Bring your tan back to life by layering on a moisturiser or oil that contains subtle shimmer.

Goldentini is an omega rich body oil that nourishes skin as well as giving it a lustrous summery sheen. It is the perfect product to enhance an existing tan, to brighten skin or to add a touch of glamour for a special day or night out.

As your tan begins to fade you can help to prolong the glow and keep it looking even with Lovely Day or liquid sunshine as we like to call it! Its luscious gel-like texture glides over skin and it’s enriched with anti-ageing Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin B5 to leave skin healthy, bronzed and glowing!

LOVELY DAY 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.
Instant Bronzing Gel

Liquid sunshine in a bottle