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Scent-Style Your Space

6th October 2017

Here at Temple Spa we firmly believe that you can create your own spa wherever you are, adding a little touch of luxury to everyday life. Even if you don’t plan on indulging in a face mask or treating yourself to an at home mani/pedi you can still create a calming and sensual space with the essence of spa luxury. 

One way to transform your space is through scent and in our Christmas range we have launched of our Avant-Garden Home Collection that is designed to create a comforting and inviting space. The range consists of three different ways you can create a spa-like ambience and if, like us, you like to scent different areas they also come in a spa aromatic trio...

Light Up, Light Up - Spa Aromatic Candle

There is something indulgent and inviting about entering a candlelit room. Light Up, Light Up not only dresses any space with style but beautifully scents the atmosphere with its warm and sophisticated aroma. It is fragranced with a mélange of heady, woody & spicy notes of amber, cedar wood, nutmeg & clove that perfectly balances with the fresh fizz of bergamot and Seville orange.

Light-Hearted - Spa Aromatic Mist

Misting this spa aromatic spray into the air will fill your space with inviting and joyful Mediterranean aromas creating a warm, seasonal atmosphere. Rich earthy notes are laced with bursts of fresh citrus and spicy aromas that warm and invigorate the senses creating an uplifting effect while leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

Airs & Spaces - Spa Aromatic Diffuser

There’s something incredibly enticing about a room that is lightly fragranced with a sleekly designed diffuser. They are a fantastically low maintenance way to scent your space; once opened they will envelop your space with effortless ease creating a seasonal spa ambience.  Airs & Spaces releases a sophisticated fusion of spices and botanicals that induce an irresistible sense of warmth and comfort and create an reviving effect.

They are each scented with key ingredients that not only create a long-lasting fragrance lift but also are known to help to help boost your mood:


What is it?
It may look like a lime but it is actually an inedible bitter orange which is predominantly grown in Southern Italy

Light sweet citrus with a floral and a mild spicy note

Mood effect
Creates a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. Helps to ease anxiety and aid relaxation.

Seville Orange

What is it?
Also known as Bitter Orange, it is a type of orange that is the main source of neroli and orange blossom.

Fresh, tart and complex scent

Refreshing & uplifting, it gives a reviving effect.


What is it?
A spice that comes from the inner layer of bark from evergreen trees.

Sweet, spicy fragrance

Warms and invigorates the senses, refreshes and stimulates.


What is it?
A species of plant from the mint family

A strong, slightly sweet, musty, earthy aroma

Known for its uplifting mood-enhancing qualities. Has a grounding, calming scent and helps to soothe stress and anxiety.


What is it?
A spice made from the aromatic flower buds of an evergreen tree

Strong sweet but spicy scent with peppery notes

Relaxing & calming properties, lifts spirits.


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