2020 has been the year for phrases such as “you’re on mute” and “can you see my screen?” as we’ve all moved to virtual gatherings and meetings. Now with our yearly in-person Christmas parties and celebrations unlikely, we’re looking for ways to feel amazing on camera.

We’ve pooled together the best skin care products and best party beauty tips for your next virtual party. Whether you’re planning a virtual Christmas party or a get together with your friends over drinks and nibbles, here are our best skin care tips and tricks:

1. It’s All In The Prep

Keeping our skin glowing and healthy is essential prep for any Christmas party, virtual or otherwise. We love to start with a nourishing cleanse from IN THE BEGINNING, our hand blended balm has a buttery-crystalline texture that exfoliates and cleanses the skin.​

Next up apply a mask like TRUFFLESQUE for that instant radiance (hello to our gold and silk peptides and Hydra-Plump ingredients!) and add our EYE SURVIVE Serum-Complex Treatment Eye Patches to depuff and brighten eyes. Follow with BE STRONG serum and MOISTURE TO GO daily moisturiser to plump and hydrate.

2. Choose Your Makeup Wisely

Try a lightweight tinted moisturiser, we add a few pumps of LOVELY DAY to our favourite Temple Spa moisturiser to create a beautiful colour and flawless base. Create a pop of colour and vitality to the skin with a beautiful blush, GORGEOUS GLOW offers this and a bronze tone to bring back those summer holiday vibes. Slick on a flash of STROKE OF GENIUS to awaken the eyes and create definition, a makeup look, even a virtual one, is never finished without mascara.

3. Be Creative With Your Makeup!

It is the season for glitter, sparkle and more after all! Camera qualities have come a long way since so why not show off your creative makeup skills? A gold shimmer eyeshadow, a deep berry lipstick, icy fresh highlighter or bold eyeliner shape can make a brilliant impact for Christmas parties, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

4. Remember To Take Off Your Makeup​

After your Christmas party or virtual get-together, it’s so important to remove your makeup and leave your skin feeling fresh and ready for tomorrow’s video call! We recommend using EASY ON THE EYE for any tough eye makeup, then opting for BE GONE for a gentle yet thorough cleanse. Elevate your cleanser with our facial cleansing brush CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, it helps to unclog pores and removed 99.5% of dirt, oil and impurities.

5. Choose A Good And Regular Skincare Routine

A daily skin care routine can be trial and error to find out what works for you and your skin type. We recommend starting with your skin type or skin concern to find what works for you. If you’re looking for a healthy and radiant glow, opt for DUAL ACT or IN THE BEGINNING as your cleanser, GLOWCOLIC for your toner and MOISTURE TO GO as your daily moisturiser. Keep to a consistent routine for 3-4 weeks and asses how your skin is feeling and looking.

We hope our luxury skin care products, tips and tricks have helped you get beauty-ready for your next virtual video call or Christmas party!