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  • How to exercise outside of the gym

    How to exercise outside of the gym

    By now, a lot of you will be taking on some form of detox or healthy eating plan, cutting out the chocolate and cake and switching them for an apple and a banana. Now that might not be the most exciting change to have happened already this year but the benefits of being a little healthier and looking after your body go far beyond what you might think.

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  • The two week detox

    The two week detox

    January is here and we all know that a lot of us overindulged during the last couple of weeks. Whether it was having that extra mince pie with a cuppa in the evenings, to dipping your hand into the box of chocolates or whether you sat back after a roast and thought to yourself “yea, that was one too many roast potatoes for my liking!”.

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  • Top 5 Men’s Skincare Problems & Solutions

    Top 5 Men’s Skincare Problems & Solutions

    Men’s skin is very different to women’s; it’s thicker for instance, and your routine versus that of your girlfriend is likely to be different too. Because of this, men have a need for certain products more than women. They are also more prone to common problems that are less frequent in women.

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  • The grooming guide for the guys

    The grooming guide for the guys

    Listen up fellas, times are changing and whether you’re sporting mutton chops, a goatee or your face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s ok to take care of you and your skin. With the likes of David Beckham flying the flag to represent the metrosexual male, we’ve the products you need for all the fruition with less of the faff.

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  • The multi-purpose must have products

    The multi-purpose must have products

    We all love to feel like we are getting great value for our money and that is always something we can guarantee when you make an investment with TEMPLESPA. Your skin will have never looked or felt better. At TEMPLESPA HQ we pride ourselves in creating incredible formulations which pay special attention to the area’s most in need, but sometimes we want a product that does a little bit of everything. We have a few unsung heroes in our collection of products and these are definitely the must haves for every bathroom.

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