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  • Tips for a better night's sleep

    Tips for a better night's sleep

    Sleep. If you could buy it in a bottle, you’d buy a dozen right? There are many reasons why that wonderful, blissful state of unconsciousness might be eluding you: from stress, to anxiety, to diet, to worrying about the in-laws coming to stay! Whilst we can’t get your to-do list done, we can suggest a few new habits.

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  • Toner Tips

    Toner Tips

    There appears to be some mystery surrounding toners and after doing a quick poll the general consensus was while people felt that they should be using a toner they were unsure about their actual function and benefit. We’re here to clear up the confusion and we want to help you design the best regime for your skincare meaning each step of your routine should have a considered role and benefit for you.

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  • Tips for Flawless Skin

    Tips for Flawless Skin

    A compliment about your complexion is bound to make anyone’s day especially if the words radiant, flawless or glowing are mentioned. One guaranteed way to achieve this would be to jet off to a sunny destination and enjoy a restful few days but if your next holiday is a distant dream away try some of our tips for reviving even the most lacklustre of complexions.

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  • The TEMPLESPA Bedtime Ritual

    The TEMPLESPA Bedtime Ritual

    We all know how great a good night’s sleep feels and how essential it is for wellness, but it’s often easier said than done. This month is National Bed Month and with that in mind, we have put together this divineTEMPLESPA Ritual to be performed before-bed that will help ease tension, restore equilibrium and prepare your body for sleep. The ultimate way to treat skin, body and soul...

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  • Winter Bodycare Guide

    Winter Bodycare Guide

    We are all guilty of paying our faces more love in the skincare department than our bodies so the new year is great time to start taking a whole body approach to skincare. If you have been hitting the gym and trying to eat right then adding a couple of steps to your bodycare routine will augment all of your hard work so you can feel confident and ready to show off the results come summertime.

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