Summer is fast approaching and with the winter months taking its toll on your skin, your body is probably in need of a little helping hand. So here are our top TEMPLESPA tips for tackling dry skin and getting you ready to strut your stuff this summer.

1 - Body Brushing

Body brushing is a bit of an unsung hero, but definitely something that we should work our way into all of our daily skin care regimes. Giving it the Brush Off is a natural body brush and with everyday use helps to reduce cellulite and drastically improves skin texture as a result of increasing your circulation. It not only exfoliates dead and dull skin cells but also helps the body with its natural detoxification process making your skin look and feel better. Simply start brushing at the feet and work up your legs, using gentle sweeping movements towards the heart. Then move to your hands, working up your arms and along your shoulders, back and body.


Detoxing Dry Body Brush

Give dull, bumpy and rough skin the brush off!


2 - Body Scrubs

It’s understandable why you might think that if you have dry skin, all you need to do is keep that area moisturised, but unless you remove the dead skin cells it will prevent the moisture from reaching the new layers of skin. Those problem areas might be slightly agitated or even cracked and therefore a gentle scrub is all you need. Sugar Buff is a Mediterranean inspired sugar based scrub that contains olive oil, fig and pomegranate which encourages the removal of dead skin cells, leaving your skin super smooth. The process of rubbing the scrub into your legs also encourages circulation and leaves the skin invigorated, making it shine brightly form the inside out.

SUGAR BUFF 220g / 7.76oz
Sugar Body Scrub

Prepare to bare!


3 - Keep your skin moisturised

It’s always important to keep you skin well-nourished and hydrated at the best of times, but especially if you are noticing tight and flaky skin forming which is dry skin in its mildest form. Skin has a natural elasticity which allows it to stretch and move as we move, however if we allow our skin to become dry it will be harder for the skin to stretch. This can lead to cracked skin or an increase in stretch marks and wrinkles. TEMPLESPA, Duvet, is a luxurious advanced body cream which has been designed to envelop the body with incredible and hydrating ingredients, leaving your skin feeling like cashmere and intensely moisturised. If you like a bit of added luxury in your life then Body Truffle is for you. Black Truffle, Rose Quartz, Cashmere, Gold and silk are but a few of the incredible ingredients. Usually a great lustre sheen and even skin tone is something we only see in glossy magazines and is usually only achieved by an airbrush…that is until now! Body Truffle firms, smooths, boosts collagen and helps to recondition the skin. It helps to preserve suppleness and elasticity whilst regulating moisture levels within the skin. The ULTIMATE dry skin defender.

BODY TRUFFLE 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Luxury Body Moisturiser

A celebration for the body!


4 - Keep your skin nourished

If only we had a professional, restorative treatment that not only gives your skin some peace and calm, but wonderfully feeds and resolves irritating skin issues. Well we do and ‘It’s All Good.’ It’s All Good is a facial oil, but can be used in other areas too that works to enliven complexions, tones and conditions the skin. Despite is being an oil it’s not heavy or greasy and is the perfect medium for delivering active ingredients directly into the skin. It renews firmness and strengthens thin or fragile skin with amazing anti-ageing benefits.

5 - Overnight remedy

Sometimes all we need is a quick and instant boosts and therefore leaving Quench on your face will give your skin the pick me up it needs, but sometimes we need just a little bit more. Quench is a rich formula that is packed with hydrating ingredients and it gets to work the moment it’s applied to your skin. You can leave Quench on for several hours, even over night which will leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant. It’s packed full of natural ingredients including Echinacea which is known for its soothing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Is also acts as an anti-enzyme which means it can protect against collagen and elastic breakdown. It has the ability to activate macrophage activity, protect proteins from oxidative stress thus boosts the skin's immune system of defense - a fantastic anti-ageing ingredient.

QUENCH 65 ml / 2.1 fl.oz.
Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenating Mask for Dry Skin

Drench & quench to life!