We all love to feel like we are getting great value for our money and that is always something we can guarantee when you make an investment with TEMPLESPA. Your skin will have never looked or felt better. At TEMPLESPA HQ we pride ourselves in creating incredible formulations which pay special attention to the area’s most in need, but sometimes we want a product that does a little bit of everything. We have a few unsung heroes in our collection of products and these are definitely the must haves for every bathroom.

So introducing to you… All Together Now

If you were to walk into any normal bathroom, you might just be tricked into thinking this is a standard hand wash. How wrong could you be? All Together Now has been designed to work gently on skin AND hair, leaving it soft, cleansed and naturally fragranced. Like us multi-tasking ladies, this product has 5 key uses and performs as a shower gel, hair shampoo, bubble bath, hand cleanse and travel wash. We told you it’s something special. It has an incredible unisex fragrance and contains uplifting ingredients such as bergamot, lemon, coriander and nutmeg. Definitely one for the sink, bath or suitcase.

Next up is All in All. This clever emulsion really is a moisturiser and conditioner all in one. A state of the art formula containing a blend of uplifting essential oils and totally paraben free. All in All has a great unisex fragrance and works wonderfully in conjunction with All Together Now. You can use this product as a moisturiser for the face, ideal after cleansing or shaving. You can use it after a shower as a body lotion to instantly smooth and hydrate your skin or even after shampooing your hair as a rinse out conditioner.

Last but not by least is the truly wonderful The Power Breakfast. Strawberry and apple juice, honey and oats are but a few of the incredible ingredients. It makes it sound good enough to eat, don’t you think?! Well we certainly can’t promise you it will taste great, but the smell and the effect it has on your skin is incredible. The Power Breakfast is a nutritious mask and scrub in one. The perfect product when you are in need of polishing and brightening your skin. You can use this has a quick scrub, which will work to gently exfoliate your skin, clearing your pores or you can use this as a deep cleansing mask. Simply use the spatula to obtain a pea sized amount of product and apply to your skin, leaving it for approximately 20minutes. A little skin care tip is to apply the mask and leave on whilst having a steam bath, to give added decongestive benefits to your skin.

So if you haven’t got them already, it’s definitely worth investing in these multi-functional products. For more skin care tips and advice visit here.

Cleansing Face Scrub & Mask

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