We all want healthy, smooth, red-carpet worthy hair with minimal effort and summer doesn't always leave hair looking in tip top shape so here are a few of our quick tips to improving the condition of your hair...

Limit how often you get it wet

For some this will be music to their ears but try to limit washing hair to every few days and use styling products in between to keep it looking fresh. For those who regularly exercise the idea of not wetting or washing hair after working out may seem unpleasant so if you do shower more frequently try to avoid hot water as this will dry out hair and create tangles. If you are feeling brave (or warm after your workout) finish your shower with a cold blast to seal the hair cuticle.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

If there’s one place where you would assume that your hair is safe from damage it is while you are soundly sleeping in your cosy bed but cotton pillowcases rub against hair leading to damage and tangles. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only has benefits for skin but also avoids excess friction for hair which helps keep hair smooth meaning less repeat styling and brushing. The added benefit of this is that you get to spend more time in bed in the mornings.

Layer products

For healthy hair you should always use a heat protectant before applying any heat and make sure that you apply tall layers of hair not just the top. You can view your hair routine in three stages; first step should be hydration (leave-in conditioners, detanglers) to seal in moisture, followed by a foundation product such as mousse or volumiser. The final stage will be any texturisers, sea-salt sprays or shine serums.

Massage your scalp

Most of us agree that one of the best parts of a hairdresser visit is the head massage but this isn’t just a relaxing treat, it can also help to improve the health of hair. Giving yourself a scalp massage after applying your shampoo not only helps to relieve stress but also encourages blood circulation to the hair follicles which strengthens hair and helps to detoxify the scalp resulting in healthy hair. To give yourself a salon standard massage, apply your shampoo and then massage into your scalp using your fingertips in clockwise and anticlockwise motions and varying the amount of pressure you apply.

Comb wet hair from the bottom up

Healthy hair needs regular brushing to avoid tangles but just like your skin it should be treated gently. When your hair is wet avoid using a hair brush and instead opt for a wide toothed comb as wet hair is fragile and more susceptible to breakage. First, gently press hair to remove any excess water and then comb through hair starting from the bottom and then working your way up to the roots. Starting at the roots damages hair as the comb gets caught as it moves through each level of the hair. Just like make-up brushes, you should keep your hair brush clean by regularly removing any hair that gets caught in the brush and washing it with warm water and a little shampoo to remove any oil and product build-up.

Using a conditioner can also help reduce damage from combing hair as it will help to restore moisture leaving it smoother and less likely to tangle. In Good Condition reduces tangling which eliminates the damage caused by combing out knots.