Tips for Oily Summer Skin

Summer should be filled with alfresco dining, light evenings, relaxing holidays and radiant skin and not hot (and let’s be honest, sweaty) tube rides, delayed flights and oily complexions. While we can’t do much to help with the first two, we’ve compiled 5 tips to help balance oily skin so you’ll be left with a healthy summer glow:

Don’t wash your face too often

We all feel a little hotter and sweatier in summer but try to resist the urge to wash your face more than twice a day. Over-washing your face can strip skin of moisture which causes it to produce excess oil leaving you looking even oilier. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t over dry the skin and one that helps to maintain your natural moisture balance.

Dual Act behaves as two cleansers in one by treating multiple skin types at the same time! It intuitively deals with an oily T-zone, whilst gently cleansing the drier areas of the face, leaving the whole face clean, fresh and smooth without being taut.

    Face Cleanser For Combination Skin

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Don’t be afraid of oils

The idea of putting oils onto oily skin may seem strange but oils can benefit oily skin as well as dry skin. Many products such as acne treatments or cleansing brushes and cloths can strip skin causing it to overcompensate by producing more sebum. By adding oil to oily skin it sends a signal to skin to slow down its production of oil which helps keep the skin balanced, healthy and clear. Using a dedicated oil such as It’s All Good not only replenishes skin and prevents it from producing excess oil but can also protect skin against damaging and ageing environmental factors leaving it smoother with a natural glow.

    Nutritious Boost Facial Oil

    Beauty is skin deep


Don’t forget face masks

Using a face mask on a weekly basis helps to keep skin clear, refreshed, balanced and looking healthy. There are a plethora of masks to suit every skin concern (for an indepth breakdown of masks click here) and for oily skin look for one that helps to balance, purify and revitalise the complexion.

The Power Breakfast is just like a nutritious breakfast for the skin. Oats, honey, fruit and juice gently dissolve dead skin cells helping to brighten, replenish, purify and smooth even the dullest of complexions.  With Kaolin clay that deeply cleanses, decongests and tones, it works to purify, smooth and soften skin while balancing and nourishing both oily and dry skin. Pear and Apple Juice help to balance the pH level of skin leaving you with a smooth and even skin tone.

Purification is a deep cleansing marine mud mask that helps to banish blocked pores, breakouts and oily skin. With Vitamin A & E plus Mediterranean ingredients of tea tree, algae, rosemary, lemongrass and myrtle it cleanses and purifies removing dead skin and impurities to reveal a healthy glow without drying the skin.

    Cleansing Face Scrub & Mask

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    Cleansing Mask for Oily & Congested Skin

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Exfoliate but don’t over-exfoliate

Exfoliating can benefit all skin types just ensure that you don’t over exfoliate as this can strip skin of its natural oils which may cause dehydration or the production of excess oil and cause breakouts. Its formula is rich in jojoba, honey, papaya, strawberry and oats which nourish, smooth and soften while removing dead, dull skin cells to reveal a bright and smooth complexion.

Breakfast Smoothie is a creamy-textured exfoliator that gently cleanses and polishes without upsetting the balance of your skin. It is formula is rich in jojoba, honey, papaya, strawberry and oats which nourish, smooth and soften while removing dead, dull skin cells to reveal a bright and smooth complexion.

The Power Breakfast is a multitasking product that can be used as an exfoliator as well as a mask. It softens and tones as it polishes skin leaving it revitalised and replenished.

    Exfoliating Face Scrub & Mask

    Get your glow on!


Adopt a natural approach to make up

Wearing layers of makeup in the summer can clog pores and lead to breakouts so try to scale back on make-up items. Don’t worry you don’t have to go without, instead stick to powders or just conceal areas that need coverage rather than applying products all over, after all summer is all about natural, radiant, glowing skin.

Don’t forget if are wearing make up and SPF you’ll need to properly remove it at the end of the day to keep skin clear and fresh.

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