Uh oh, here comes Truffle and not just any old truffle at that. We’re talking the limited edition, award winning kind. Say hello to DOUBLE TRUFFLE.

Obviously you’ll be no stranger to our incredibly popular Skin Truffle and Truffle Noir, but we thought for the month of love, we’d love on you by giving you something a little bit special. Double Truffle is a combo to die for, 25ml of Skin Truffle and Truffle Noir, and being TEMPLESPA, why would we stop there? For February only, if you treat yourself to Double Truffle, £85, we will share the love and give you your desired cleanser, mask and toner for FREE. Yes, you heard us right…FREE. What’s the catch? There is none. We simply know the benefits of having your own bespoke skin care regime and how special you feel when your skin is simply glowing from the inside out.

If however for some incredible reason, like you’ve been living on the moon, and the benefits of these Truffle wonder products escapes you, then let us refresh your memory. Skin Truffle is the highest scoring anti-ageing moisturiser from The Beauty Bible…ever! It’s now been entered into their Beauty Bible hall of fame and has been featured in countless magazines and been worn by a whole army of celebrities. We like to think of it as happiness in a jar. That’s not simply because it’s filled to the brim with wonderful ingredients like pure gold, truffles and diamonds, but because it is actually happiness in a jar. Skin Truffle has an incredible ingredient called HappyBelle-PE. This breakthrough phyto-endorphin complex, Mimics the endorphin effect on the complexion, gives the 'I've just had good news' glow to your skin. We spent over 5 years working on this product and you most definitely won’t be disappointed. Then there’s its best friend, Truffle Noir.

Why wear Truffle Noir? Well our simple answer is, you never wear your diamonds to bed. The real reason, Noir has been designed as the overnight partner for Skin Truffle, working its magic whilst you’re asleep. We combined brilliant science with turbo charged ingredients to create a luxury formula that repairs, restores and renews. The texture is amazing and you really will look great in bed. Truffle Noir supports the fundamental changes in our skins behaviour at night, working with the body’s natural rhythm and it helps your skin, help itself, by promoting its natural ability to replenish itself.

If you’re looking for 24 hour, total face rejuvenation, then Double Truffle is the one for you, especially if you have been dying to try one of them, but haven’t quite had the chance to splash out and purchase both. Plus with this incredible offer (for February only) you can also top up your usual skin care by making sure you have the perfect mask and cleanser to go with it. Head on over to our beauty offers page, to get yours now.