Showing our love with beautiful gifts, products and experiences is what we do best at TEMPLESPA. There’s nothing like unwrapping a surprise gift from a friend to say, “You’re doing amazing and I love you!” or from a partner to show their appreciation and affection. And while self-love is a fairly new term, we’ve been celebrating you for years in our brand message “We believe your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full”.

We think everyone could do with extra love this year and in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide we have gifts for everyone and every budget. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something too – there’s nothing quite like a TEMPLESPA gift!

A classic Valentine’s Day gift but with a twist. MY ESSENCE is our first fine fragrance with a unique molecule complex that adjusts to the skin of the wearer, so each scent is individual to you! We’ve incorporated notes of zesty bergamot and petitgrain, floral jasmine, neroli and rose absolute resting on a base of cedarwood and amber. The perfect gift to say you’re special to me!

Share the gift of relaxation with a loved one from DO NOT DISTURB this Valentine’s Day. Our 6-piece spa gift set of aromatherapy essentials aid in calming and relaxing the mind, body and skin. We pride ourselves on our fragrances taking you to another world and we think this is the ideal gift for someone always on the go and needs to put the brakes on.

Our SPA RETREAT Gift Set is a favourite to get a taste of the award-winning TEMPLESPA skincare and more this Valentine’s Day. Our deluxe 9 products treat your skin from top to toe and deliver that ‘just-been-to-a-spa’ feeling every time. Send this to a friend or loved one who could do with a spa day at home for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Why not treat you and your Galentine’s to a TEMPLESPA surprise! The SPA WHEREVER YOU ARE Spa Relaxation Kit is a brilliant accompaniment to a Zoom catch up, just send your invites and gifts out! We’ve got face masks, relaxing night creams and calming room sprays plus a gorgeous velvet eye mask. The best gift to help unwind and zen out.

If you know someone who loves home interiors or has a candle collection worthy of a new record, they’ll love LIGHT MY FIRE. It’s our energising aromatherapy scented candle that fills the room with warmth and inviting energy. We’ve blended fresh and upbeat essential oils to add life and spice to any room!

And who says you can’t get inspiration for your own gift too? We recommend adding SPIRITUDE to your basket, it’s our energising body and room essence with zesty scents. It’s the favourite scent to lift and awaken any flagging spirits and restore your equilibrium. Give yourself a pep talk with SPIRITUDE this Valentine’s Day!

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, whether you’re purchasing for a friend, loved one or for yourself, we’ll always send your gifts with love.