We all know that familiar feeling when you first wake and your body tries to fight the fact that you need to get up. If you have already started following our tips for getting a good night’s sleep you are probably on your way to waking up feeling refreshed but for those looking for a few extra tips to kiss goodbye to dry skin and a dull complexion, you might want to incorporate a couple of extra steps to your routine. While you might hesitate at the thought of adding any time to your evening regime, it can save you precious time in the morning which is something that we definitely appreciate when we’re rushing to get out of the house.

Here are some of our top tips to help you to wake up looking your best:

Start your nightly routine early

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Starting your night time skincare regime earlier in the evening might seem like such a chore but don’t put the inevitable off until you’re too tired to properly follow your routine. Getting the task done earlier means you can relax for the rest of the evening and head straight to bed as soon as tiredness hits. In order to wake up looking your best you want to pay proper attention to your evening time skincare routine because at night your skin is working hard to repair, rejuvenate and restore itself and you want to make this process as effective as possible.

Apply an overnight mask

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Applying a nightly moisturiser is great but sometimes your skin needs an extra boost of hydrating ingredients and antioxidants especially because skin can lose a lot of water while you sleep. Overnight masks are usually designed to provide intense overnight hydration and often include antioxidants which work to ensure that you wake up with plump, smooth, bright and radiant skin. They are also designed to create a seal over skin which keeps in all the goodness of the products underneath and helps them to penetrate more effectively.

Quench is formulated with avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which offer hydrating, brightening, anti-ageing and anti-acne capabilities.

Apply an overnight hair treatment

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Just like your skin, hair can use a dose of hydration to keep it soft, shiny and manageable. Hair masks can penetrate inside the hair cuticle whereas conditioners tend to rest on the surface so masks can really help to nourish hair. If you don’t have time to wash off a hair mask in the morning opt for a leave in overnight treatment and come morning you will have soft, manageable hair.

Plait hair

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Have you ever wondered how your manageable, smooth hair ends up as a messy mop come morningtime? An overnight treatment can help to combat morningtime frizz but you can also try plaiting your hair before going to bed and by morningtime you will wake up with tousled waves which not only minimises the need for damaging heat tools but also gives you a few more minutes extra sleep. For looser beachy waves try twisting your hairs into buns instead of plaits.

Sleep on silk pillowcases

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We all know that great feeling of your head finally hitting the pillow after a long and busy day but your pillowcase could actually be contributing to the formation of wrinkles and breakage of hair. To combat these negative effects you could switch out your pillowcase for a silk version as skin slides over the slippery surfaces meaning there is less friction between the skin and the pillow which can help to minimise wrinkles and fine lines that form.

Tossing and turning at night leads to repeatedly rubbing hair against your pillowcase which if it is cotton based can result in breakage, kinks and more frizz. Cotton draws out moisture from your skin whereas silk retains it so sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps hair to stay nourished and shiny.

Sleep on your back

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If you are a stomach sleeper, 2017 might be the time to break this habit. Sleeping on your stomach can cause fluid to accumulate under your eyes meaning you may wake up with puffy eyes. To make matters worse, it also puts pressure on your face which can lead to more pronounced lines and wrinkles as well as potentially removing moisture from your skin. There’s further bad news for those with oily skin; you might find that sleeping on your stomach is causing you to breakout as oils and dirt are transferred between your face and your pillow.

Sleeping on your side is preferable to sleeping on your stomach, however, it can still cause wrinkles and fine lines on the side of your face that you are resting on.

The optimal sleeping position is on your back as it keeps dirt and oil from your hair and pillow away from your face and avoids wrinkle causing friction with the skin.

Pay attention to your hands, feets and lips

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Whether you plan on brightening up your morningtime complexion with a lipstick or running out of the house with your lips au natural, moisturised and smooth lips are essential so prep your lips at night with a slick of lip balm. All Talk is a super rich lip balm packed with vitamins and botanicals to help repair, condition and smooth dry lips.

Nobody wants to look down and see dry and flaky hands or feet so make them one less thing to think about by applying some hand and feet cream just before you go to bed leaving it to deeply moisturise overnight. You may even find this to be a relaxing ritual before you go to sleep.

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Ensure you get a restful night’s sleep

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If you are taking the time to ensure that your skin, hair, hands and feet are looking their best you don’t want a poor quality of sleep to hinder your hard work. If you struggle with restless nights sleep then try a pillow spray or spritz a relaxing room spray around your bedroom. Quietude can be used as a room or pillow spray to induce a feeling of peace and calm.

Alternatively, try a product that helps you to get a good’s night sleep while also providing skincare benefits. Repose is infused with hops and not only encourages restful sleep but also helps to prevent premature ageing by promoting firmer skin. It is a great product to reach for when you and your skin need a rest and want to wake up feeling revived.

QUIETUDE 100 ml / 3.3 fl.oz
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Final Word

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As with so many things in life the key is in the prep-work but adding a few of these steps will quickly become routine and help you to wake up looking fresher. We are all familiar with those stressful mornings when your hair and skin are not co-operating which usually coincides with an important meeting or event so for those times think about doing an overnight mask or hair treatment to keep hair and skin looking healthy and manageable and ensure that they are one less thing that you have to worry about!