We may know our skincare routine inside and out, but when it comes to a change in the weather and seasons it’s important to switch up your skincare routine. With central heating, exposure to cold winds and every type of weather element, it’s time to arm your skin with a new Winter Skincare Tips and Routine. And there’s no better place to start than with TEMPLESPA…

1. Cleanse with IN THE BEGINNING

It’s the hero product that started TEMPLESPA for us and is still a best-seller and award winner to this day! IN THE BEGINNING is our deep cleansing melt, breaking down makeup, dirt and impurities from your skin and leaving it feeling dewy and healthy.


If you love a morning scrub, then you’ll adore our BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE. Specially formulated to be used regularly, we’ve included ingredients from your morning smoothie like honey, strawberry, oatmeal, apple and orange! These ingredients gently nibble away at dead skin cells to reveal a smooth complexion.

3. Glow up with GLOWCOLIC

Our new multi-acid exfoliating toner is your one-stop for instantly radiant skin – and we have our mix of glycolic, mandelic and lactic acids to thank for that! This fusion help to gently lift away dead skin cells which can cause the skin to look dull. Add GLOWCOLIC after your cleanser for a refreshed and brighter surface.

4. Let QUENCH rejuvenate

For a self-care session, you won’t go wrong with QUENCH. It’s the perfect way to restore moisture levels lost during the winter season, it’s just like a hydrating drink for the skin! The rich texture and nutritious formula is packed with our medley of Mediterranean ingredients and our Phirmaderm™ complex. The results? Plumper and firmer skin.

5. Protect yourself with BE STRONG

Serums are the vitamin for your future skin, by taking care of your skincare routine now, your skin will thank you in the future. BE STRONG is an essential for your winter skincare routine because it helps to strengthen, restore and soothe your skin against all the weather elements. Gently massage into your skin after toning and discover the benefits…

6. Take a peek at WINDOWS OF THE SOUL

Never be without an eye cream, especially in your winter skincare routine! Pop half a pump of WINDOWS OF THE SOUL onto your ring finger, then gently pat under your eye and across the brow bone. It’s super lightweight, brightens tired eyes and reduces puffiness – perfect for those dark mornings and early starts.

7. LIFE DEFENCE: Your skin defence

Even if the sun isn’t shining, your skin still needs a layer of SPF protection. To blend two steps into one, we’ve created LIFE DEFENCE as your daily lightweight moisturiser with added SPF 30. It also has blue light protection to ensure you’re guarded again the environment, sun, wind, pollution, aircon, heating and digital screens too!

8. Sleep well with REPOSE

A best-seller and award-winner at TEMPLESPA, our customers praise REPOSE for giving them the best night’s sleep ever. Our vitamin-rich night moisturiser supports your skin to relax, calm, soothe and settle. As skin can become irritated in the winter months, this is the perfect addition to your routine. Simply breathe in the blend of beautiful essential oils to take yourself off to the land of nod…

9. Last but not least with EXALT

Our necks could be forgiven for not having enough attention, that’s why we created EXALT. The firming neck gel delivers targeted action to firm and tone the neck and decolletage, bringing back gorgeous youthfulness. We’ve included our favourite Mediterranean ingredients and our plant-based Cellactive®-Form complex to nourish and support the skin’s structure. No need to wrap your neck up with a scarf!


We hope you’ve found a few new additions to your winter skincare routine and tips to keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing all year round!