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Your perfect cleansing and hydrating duo for combination skin


Your perfect cleansing and hydrating duo for combination skin

A great balancing act


MOISTURE TO GO is our best multi-tasking balancing moisturiser for combination skin. If your skin can’t make its mind up whether it’s oily or dry, this is the moisturising solution for you! For a limited time only, receive DUAL ACT, a multi-tasking cleanser for skin that can’t make up its mind if it's oily, dry or simply normal, for free!

RESULTS: Hydrates with a lightweight texture for smooth & firm skin | Helps regulate oil production | Soaks up excess sebum | Treats an oily T-zone while taking care of the drier areas too | Anti-ageing | Leaves skin feeling clean balanced and fresh | Hydrates dry patches | Balances oily areas

GREAT FOR Combination skin.


Hurry, limited time only whilst offer stock lasts

Special Price £38.00 Regular Price £59.00
VALUE £59 | PAY £38 | SAVE £21

MOISTURE TO GO is a multi-tasking, anti-ageing and balancing moisturiser that feels like liquid silk for the skin. It treats oily and dry areas effectively to balance out your varying, and often changing, skin needs. This moisturiser contains Combiderm™ complex to regulate balance-absorbing excess oil and rehydrate the dry areas of your skin at the same time.

DUAL ACT is a a gel and cream cleanser in one, this highly intelligent formula works to treat multiple skin types at the same time. If used dry it acts like a lotion that can be wiped off with a tissue or, if mixed with water, lathers up into a wash-off cleanser. it’s the perfect multi-tasking cleansing lotion to help treat dry patches whilst balancing oily areas, leaving the whole face clean and smooth without feeling taut.

Start your daily morning and evening skincare ritual with a really good cleanse using DUAL ACT:

  • Wash your hands
  • Apply about a 2cm squeeze of the cleanser all over the face and neck
  • Massage upwards, using circular movements to eliminate all traces of make-up (including eye make-up) and impurities
  • Remove using a cotton wool pad or a damp cloth.
  • Alternatively:
    • Splash your face with warm water
    • Use about a 2cm squeeze of the cleanser and work into a light lather massaging in circular movements upwards and outwards
    • Rinse until the water runs clean.
    • Follow with TONING ESSENCE face toner spray to complete the cleansing process
    • Finish with MOISTURE TO GO moisturiser for silky smooth, balanced skin
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