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Fab summer skin offer, save £21 on AAAHHH! cooling and soothing feet and limbs balm, PEACE BE STILL calming skin balm and LA LA LAGOON luxurious bath and shower gel found in luxury hotels and resorts around the world.


AAAHHH - A cooling and refreshing gel-balm for a quick revival and rescue.
PEACE BE STILL Soothing, lightweight body moisturiser that’s super kind and very gentle
LA LA LAGOON Cool lagoon blue gel that transforms into a rich creamy lather



AAAHHH helps reduce puffiness | refreshes & cools tired limbs | stimulating body experience | helps boost energy levels
PEACE BE STILL hydration for body, hands & face | helps settle sensitive or irritated skin | leaves skin silky to the touch | helps to soothe, cool, and calm skin after sun exposure | non-greasy & absorbed quickly 
LA LA LAGOON gentle all over body wash | leaves skin comfortable, clean & fragrant


All skin types


NEW TUBE DESIGN | 150mL/5fl.oz. | ALL 3 FOR £30, SAVE £21 

3 x 150mL

Out of stock



Don't you just hate it when your feet and legs swell up and ache? This lightweight formula will chill, calm and refresh feet and legs that have been standing far too long. Rich in natural extracts and Mediterranean essential oils of peppermint, clove, lavender, black pepper & clary that cool and soften the skin, soothe away aches plus dandelion to help reduce fluid retention and puffiness. It really does go AAAHHH!

This sophisticated all-over balm deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to touch. PEACE BE STILL is aromatherapy and skincare in one - with extracts of coriander, lemon and nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils and vitamin B5. An altogether deliciously textured formula that sinks into the skin immediately, leaving it ultra-smooth and beautifully settled. Calming to skin, body & soul!

La La in the shower, or bathe in a marine lagoon... either way, let your imagination send you to exotic places as you apply this aromatic gel in your shower or bath. Formulated with a luxury spa fragrance of peppermint, anise, rosewood and patchouli, plus skin conditioning aloe vera to cleanse, soften and chase away any tiredness, whilst leaving your skin beautifully fragrant. La la away!

  • All skin types 
  • Sports lovers who need the perfect AAAHHH! moment for overworked muscles and limbs, or anyone needing relief from aches in their feet, legs and shoulders
  • Those suffering from puffy legs, ankles or feet
  • Those embarking on a long-haul flight or taking a city break in a warm climate– a great travel companion and perfect for tired sightseeing legs
  • Those looking for deeply moisturised, silky-smooth skin
  • Those seeking relaxation properties to help rebalance their body and mind
  • Those wanting to unwind after a long day
  • Lovers of a long aromatic shower or bath
  • Those seeking comfortable, clean & fragrant skin

AAAHHH as a foot & leg reviver

  • Sweep up the ankles towards the knee and massage.
  • Always wash hands after use.

AAAHHH Muscle soother for legs, arms, back

  • Massage into feet and legs using upward strokes. Also great to ease aching backs, shoulders and arms.
  • Always wash hands after use.


  • Massage over your body in long sweeping upward strokes.
  • Massage into the face as a post-shave balm.

LA LA LAGOON as a Shower Gel

  • Apply to wet skin in the shower and let yourself la la away!

LA LA LAGOON as a Bathing Foam

  • Drizzle into the bathtub for a wonderfully frothy soak.
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