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Spa Aromatic Candle


Spa Aromatic Candle

Heart-warming Mediterranean candlelight

A warm, seasonal fragrance that creates an inviting space with its comforting and uplifting scent


RESULTS Beautifully scents the atmosphere | comforts & uplifts your senses | dresses any space with style | gorgeous glowing light 




Infusing your home with the fragrance of a meander in the Mediterranean countryside


Fill your home with beautiful light and the warm, invigorating scent of the Mediterranean on a sun-drenched winter’s day. With crisp, aromatic bergamot infused with bright Seville orange and juniper resting on warmed patchouli, cinnamon wood, clove and cardamom. This stunning candle will ensure you and your home light the way with a glowing welcome for all who visit and live there.

  • For your home, office or any space where you want to generate a warm, seasonal, inviting atmosphere
  • To refresh the atmosphere in a room
  • Those seeking a comfortable & luxe fragrance
  • A great stocking filler or dinner party gift!
  • The perfect gift for home birds

Before lighting your candle, read the safety instructions on the box, both pages of the base label on the candle glass and the warning disc placed on top of the candle. 

Please keep the box and safety information in a safe place to refer to them during the life of the candle. 

Remove the warning disc before lighting. 

Burn for no longer than 4 hours at a time and, when you are ready to extinguish, please refer to the safety information again for instructions. 

Always trim the wick before lighting your candle again.


Always read warning advice on the product.

Key Ingredients

Bearberry is known for its ability to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It contains a natural compound called arbutin that prevents the formation of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase which causes dark spots. Bearberry helps to diminish pigmentation as well as working to lighten and brighten skin.

It is non-irritating and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin as Bearberry's active component is released slowly.

Bearberry has an anti-inflammatory effect helping to reduce redness, swelling and soothe rosacea. It has astringent properties which helps to treat acne, reduce puffiness and smooth skin.

Bearberry possesses antioxidants which protect the skin against damaging free radicals and UV rays, it therefore provides skin with some natural sun protection. It also supports the cell renewal process which helps to improve skin tone and texture.

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Oranges are soothing, comforting and help reduce irritation.They offer hydrating properties that work to treat dry, flaky skin.

They possess antibacterial, antiseptic qualities that clear and prevent acne and blemishes and reduce the production of sebum making them ideal for oily, acne prone skin.

They have a stimulating and purifying effect and contain fruit acids that exfoliate skin for a brighter, smoother complexion.

They are rich in Vitamin C, an oxidant that increases the production of collagen and elasticity keeping skin firm and tight. It also protects against free radicals, pollutants and sun damage that leads to fine line and wrinkles.

They are refreshing and uplifting, giving a reviving and energising effect.

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Cinnamon has cleansing and nourishing properties, it helps to soothe and soften rough, dry or dead skin and together with its exfoliating capabilities it will help to improve skin quality and the look of your complexion leaving skin smooth, rejuvenated and hydrated

It also helps treat skin that is irritated or inflamed as well as blemish-prone skin with its antiseptic, anti-microbial and decongesting properties.

Cinnamon improves blood flow and brings oxygen and blood to the surface of the skin which can help to plump skin and it increases collagen and elastin levels which firms skin and improves the appearance of fine lines.

It also helps to keep skin looking healthy and radiant by promoting cell turnover and fighting ageing free radicals.

The aroma of this spice warms and invigorates the senses so it can used to refresh skin, breath as well as around the house.

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