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Ensure your legs are summer ready!

Purchase DUVET, GOLDENTINI, LOVELY DAY and receive SUGAR BUFF for free!

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    Introducing our PERFECT PINS collection, make sure your legs are summer ready with Sugar Buff, Duvet, Goldentini and Lovely Day

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    • All skin types, particularly anyone seeking a natural golden glow
    • Anyone looking to tan both their leags and face and body
    • Anyone looking for a long lasting, buildable tanned and bronzed colour


    - Use as a leg or body moisturiser and smooth the oil over exposed skin and then wash hands with soap & water after application.

    - Any skin illuminator will reveal any dead skin cells on the surface of the body, so using Sugar Buff Mediterranean body scrub is perfect for ensuring a lovely smooth base for Goldentini.


    - Exfoliate any dry skin before application as a bronzer can darken excess dry patches. Use BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE for the face and SUGAR BUFF for the body.

    - After moisturising body and face, dot onto skin and massage in using upwards and outwards movements. Layer until you get the desired colour. Wash your hands after application, to avoid staining. Now enjoy the compliments!

    - The advanced micro-fine pigments that are used to obtain the beautiful colour of Lovely Day need to be thoroughly cleansed from the pores or washed away. So it’s worth a double cleanse before bed. In The Beginning deep cleansing melt is perfect! Lovely Day can also be mixed with your moisturizer or body lotion to give that tinted moisturiser effect.


    - Smother your legs with SUGAR BUFF scrub, massaging in circular movements to get your circulation going. Wash off under the shower. Before you are entirely dry, apply lashings of DUVET moisturiser all over your body.

    - It is also perfect to use in the bath as it will dissolve upon contact with the water so you are not sitting in a grainy bath.

    As an intense full body treatment

    - After smothering yourself with Sugar Buff, seal the scrub in by winding cling film around your torso and limbs to seal in the benefits (keep cling film away from the face). Hop in a sleeping bag, or under a feather duvet and relax for thirty minutes. The heat really helps the body lotion to penetrate the skin and will leave it so silky to the touch; you won’t believe it’s you!

    For pre-tan prep

    - For optimal results when tanning, prepare your skin with a full body scrub and massage and then apply a moisturiser the evening before.


    - Massage lashings into your legs, or whenever your skin begs for care and attention.

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