24-Day Advent Calendar

24 treats to surprise & delight every day

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Luxury advent calendar including 24 most loved TEMPLESPA products including 13 full-size products and 4 exclusive limited editions! 


AAAHHH! | instant cooling balm 150ml
This lightweight, refreshing formula is a real saviour when you’ve been standing or working hard for too long.

BE QUIET | soothing milky toner 30ml
A calming, weightless, velvety toner specifically designed and clinically tested for those with sensitive or stressed skin.

BE STILL | settling moisturiser 15ml
Extremely kind & gentle prebiotic moisturiser great for the sensitive type. A liquid silk texture that settles the skin immediately, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE | gentle exfoliator 15ml
A creamy-textured, gentle exfoliator that cleanses and polishes in one and won’t upset the balance of your skin.

BREATH OF LIFE | inhalation essence 10ml
A heady blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, menthol & lavender essential oils to clear the nasal passages. Use with steam inhalation, pop on a tissue or sniff straight from the bottle.

A beautiful decorative star to hang on your tree or in your home. Add a few drops of BREATH OF LIFE or spritz with your favourite fragrance to scent your space.

EXALT | firming neck cream 15ml
A luxurious, neck firming, cream-gel treatment that helps to lift and tighten the skin around the neck and décolletage.

FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH | nail & cuticle treatment serum 30ml
A highly nutritious, intensive daily treatment formulated with a cocktail of 65 power-minerals and designed to restore and strengthen nails, improve resistance to splitting and promote healthy growth.

IN THE BEGINNING | deep cleansing melt 30g
Formulated with Mediterranean ingredients of olive, calendula, basil, clary and lavender to ensure a nutritious, intense cleanse, leaving skin feeling dewy and glowing with health and vitality.

IT’S ALL GOOD | nutritious boost facial oil
An exquisite facial treatment oil with targeted active ingredients formulated to visibly plump, smooth and rebalance skin.

LA LA LAGOON | aromatic bath & shower gel 150ml
La la in the shower, or bathe in a marine blue lagoon as you use this relaxing, reviving gel.

LET’S CONCENTRATE | skin glowing serum 10ml
A powerful, serum-juice-concentrate that melts deep into your skin to reveal a clearer, smooth, toned and glowing complexion.

LOVELY DAY | immediate response bronzing gel 30ml
Best for transforming pale, pasty skin in a flash leaving it bronzed and looking beautifully tanned.

PALM BALM | nourishing hand cream 75ml
Fast-absorbing, nourishing hand cream to smooth and even skin tone.

PEACE BE STILL | calming skin balm 150ml
All-over balm that deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to touch.

REPOSE | relaxing night cream 50ml
A relaxing night cream that calms your soul while it moisturises your skin.

Turn out the light with luxurious satin and bring comforting weight to tired eyes, ready to drift into a peaceful slumber.

SIESTA FOREVER | relaxing aromatic candle 35g
A beautifully fragrant aromatherapy candle to scent your space with a calming and tranquil essential oil blend.

SKIN TRUFFLE | ultra radiance moisturiser 50ml
A luxury face moisturiser that brings immediate radiance as well as powerful hydrating benefits for complete facial rejuvenation.

SUGAR BUFF | smoothing body scrub 50g
The most luscious sugar scrub that removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal to reveal silky smooth skin.

TONING ESSENCE | essential mist tonic 150ml
A lovely hydrating, cooling, fresh pick-me-up as well as a toner. It’ll have your skin singing!

TRUFFLESQUE | hydrating radiance mask 15ml
A power-packed luxury face mask with unbelievable transforming results. The unique skin-boosting Hydra-Plump complex™ helps to create an appearance of instant youthfulness in the skin.

WINDOWS OF THE SOUL | eye treatment gel-cream 15ml
A velvet formula that treats the eye area with kindness, a revolutionary gel cream, that is lightweight and hydrating.

Dip and dive into your favourite formulas to keep your products as clean as can be. Made in zinc for a more hygienic application, time & time again.

  • Exceptional skincare
  • Feel-good aromas
  • Luxury cashmere textures

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