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The Body Radiance Collection


The Body Radiance Collection

Glowing skin head-to-toe


Our body radiance duo will leave you prepped, primed & polished, ready for any event this festive season.


RESULTS Bright & radiant skin | revives tired & dull skin immediately | instant glow | hydrates and smooths 


GREAT FOR Dry, lacklustre skin in need of a glow

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Keep your skin velvety soft and intensely nourished with the ultra-luxe duo. Smooth & scrub skin with this illuminating body polish TRUFFLETINI, then nourish and nurture with the superluxe TRUFFLESSENCE indulgent bathing & massage oil.  Each with our signature Truffle cocktail of ingredients that transform skin with glowing radiance and beautiful fragrance.


TRUFFLETINI | 100g/3.5fl.oz.
TRUFFLESSENCE | 50mL/1.6fl.oz.

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  • All skin types
  • Those needing to revive dull, tired skin
  • Those seeking a serious a radiance boost

Want top-to-toe glow? Read the ritual below: 

On dry or dampened skin, gently massage TRUFFLETINI illuminating body polish onto skin in circular movements, then rinse off. Your body is wrapped in a nourishing golden veil. 

For a deeply moisturising skin treat, massage TRUFFLESSENCE indulgent bathing & massage oil top to toe in long deep strokes towards the heart. 

Or, if you have a little more time, pour a capful of TRUFFLESSENCE under running bath water and watch it gloriously transform into a deliciously scented milky liquid. Sink into the water and let it take care of your body & soul.

Key Ingredients

Apples are known for their cleansing, detoxifying and moisturising abilities, they help to keep skin clean, clarified and hydrated.

They are a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids which gently exfoliates skin, removing dead, dull skin cells to leave skin looking smooth and radiant.

Apples are also used to help treat acne, blemishes and dark spots due to their astringent capabilities which helps keep skin clear and rejuvenated. They also help to tone and tighten skin.

Apples contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A which work to speed up cell production for healthy youthful looking skin. These vitamins also help to produce collagen which naturally depletes as you age and so they ensure that your skin looks firm, smooth and hydrated as well as working to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Apples can also be used to treat puffy eyes and to lighten the appearance of dark circles.

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Avocados contain skin nourishing vitamins A, D & E, and fatty acids including oleic acid which help maintain moisture for long lasting hydration.

These antioxidants also have anti-ageing properties providing skin with protection from environmental, sun and free radical damage that lead to visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

They also help keep skin firm, soft, plump and supple by aiding the production of elastin and collagen.

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Black truffles improve moisture and water retention and help to deep condition and hydrate skin and hair. They work with the skin's natural renewal process to brighten skin and give a more youthful appearance.

They possess anti-inflammatory capabilities which help treat acne, eczema and rosacea.

Black truffles are rich in amino acids which are known to aid collagen production giving firmer and smoother skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

They are a source of antioxidants which prevent damage from free radicals leaving skin looking visibly smoother with a radiant glow.

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